From Below


So, congrats to our new leader… the mighty general… Fuchsia Puff? You heard it here future listeners (if anypony finds these memory logs) The creatures I mentioned earlier, while they DID capture us, they seemed to be almost enchanted by the sales muses music. We were given a feast in her honour and about a night to figure out how to wipe out an entire species. Oh, no. Not our would be captors, the Nixies. These winged critters are at war with another tribe on the other side of this fogged forest. This other tribe has been described as evil, fanged, merciless, and fat. Although… with a name like “Pixies” it doesn’t seem likely. Either way, as a very active proponent of peace and pacifism, I or my companions needs to come up with a way to escape AND stop a war in a single night.

Our “fearless leader” has ordered Dark Star’s lackey to get captured by the Pixie tribe to warn them of the plan. I am surprised to find out that some of our crew DID survive the (what I can only identify as) fairy circle effect. How, you ask did I find this out if the guard pegasi was supposed to get taken prisoner? She had a few stealth Nixies with her and managed to escape their trail after coming across “more ponies” as the Nixies described. I can only conclude the mission was more than just a success, it seems to be a miracle. We watch as the Nixies get drunk, and chant for tomorrow’s battle. We meet with the ponies held on the other side in the middle before dawn. If all is successful… there will not be a battle at all. Here goes nothing.

End Log: 6



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