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Private Cepheid Glow_Journal Two

I'm here to help.

Private Cepheid Glow taking note of today’s events as required in Article V Section 22C of The Official Royal Guard Regulations established in the 379th year of Princess Celestia’s reign.

Lt. Darkstar commanded me to be retrieve a new set of armor and guard the front door to a library where some ponies were trying to understand the current situation in Manehattan, including the assistant to Princess Luna.

After a while, a fuchsia stallion requested access into the building on the basis of the national security of Equestria. Unfortunately, his appearance did not match any of the ponies that I was told to let through and he didn’t have any other credentials than his word, so I needed to turn him down. He respected my stance on the issue and left. A few minutes later, Lt. Shadow Beam appeared and instructed me to follow him. Being of a lower rank, I kept close to Lt. Shadow Beam for the next hour.

Important Note: Lt. Shadow Beam appeared to be suffering through a great deal of stress. He was very thin and only spoke a few words to me during our time together, resorting to a select amount of phrases for communication. He did little else besides staring off into the distance. He didn’t take a bite out of his ice-cream. As a witness to his behavior and a fellow Night Guard, I would advise Lt. Shadow Beam to take a rest from any additional hardships. Perhaps he could reschedule his next photo shoot?

Oddly enough, the two of us ran into Sunny Scales who on his way to the library as well. Feeling guilty for abandoning my original post, I asked Lt. Shadow Beam if I may return to the library. Lt. Shadow Beam was rather unresponsive but he seemed to be enjoying his time on the park bench we were sitting on for the last few minutes. I decided my best course of action was to follow Mr. Scales back to library and inquire about Lt. Shadow Beam’s condition latter.

Continuing the odd occurrences today, Lt. Darkstar commanded Sunny Scales and I to enter the library without question. I believe she thought Mr. Scales was in my custody. Technically, he was but I found myself as more of an escort at the time. We were quickly introduced to the remaining ponies in the library:

- Starlight Dawn, personal assistant to Princess Luna

- Typhoon Blade, archeologist and geologist

- Dr. Gene Poole, teacher and researcher of magic

- Professor Brindle Crop, professor of architecture

- Fuchsia Puff, salestallion of… fine cloth

The eight of us exchanged all the information we had on the issue. With the payment of a crystal cap, a transaction approved by the members of the university present who represented the university’s best interests in the event of an apocalyptic scenario as established in the Official Equestrian Traders Exchange Rule Book of 897 C.R. ( Article X Section 12), Sunny Scales revealed to us that the current destruction in Manehattan was being caused by the creatures from the underworld. Gateways to their world and ours were being created through various means, releasing beings of powerful and unusual magic to reek havoc on the citizens of Equestria. He also offered us the change to venture into the underworld though a gateway he discovered which we gratefully accepted.

However, our conversation was cut short as the ground began to shake. We went downstairs to the basement to find a giant mole-insect hybrid. Professor Gene Poole called it a “talpa insecta.” Lt. Darkstar calls it a “tunneler,” so I shall use that name instead. Speaking of Lt. Darkstar, my superior ordered the rest of us to stay near the top of the stairs as the tunneler clicked and sniffed in its search for us. Unfortunately, Lt. Darkstar tripped and began to fall right onto the creature. Sunny Scales managed to save her by grabbing on to her tail, a feat that I can now confirm to be as painful as it sounds taking note of my superior’s screams.

With Lt. Darkstar safe, I was assigned to keep a close eye on the tunneler from the basement entrance while the others planned a way to save the library. I showed little emotion during my time alone with the creature. This was greatly different from my reaction to the skeleton in the furnace a few hours earlier. Internally, I was panicking to the same degree but felt the sense of duty that every guard feels. I had faltered earlier but now was not the time to think about that. The ponies a few flights of stairs above me were doing their best to protect this library and Manehattan as a whole. As a member of Royal Guard and a Night Watch pony, I must protect these ponies and Equestria no matter how difficult it may be and the way I could serve and protect Equestria was to sit, watch and report if the tunneler were to become agitated.

I felt sad. I’m not sure why. I couldn’t dwell on it too much because the others came back with their plan. Their plan was to have Fuchsia Puff put on a mask and dance with a broom.

I still don’t know how but the plan worked. The tunneler peacefully retreated back into the hole he or she bursted out from. Everypony congratulated each other for their hard work, including mine despite how little it may have been. However, there was still the problem of our means of escape as the building was somehow sealed from the outside, covered from head to hoof in what appeared to be magical strains that glowed a bright blue similar to the orbs from earlier. The rest continued back up the stairs trying to find a solution to our newest problem while I resumed surveillance duties over the gaping hole the Tunneler left in the basement. I began to think, I guess, on why I was sad.

My thoughts were cut short as I discovered a way various creatures of the underworld could travel to our domain: through a vacant tunneler hole.

A flying serpent that dwarfed the tunneler, who also possessed a head on both ends of its body, slithered out of the pit. I alerted the others and we fled up to the third floor. Lt. Darkstar casted a shield that engulfed the entire level, blocking the serpent’s path. The time afterwards was a bit of a blur to me with the rest of the team gathered to devise a new plan to vanquish the monster currently thrashing the first and second floor, Lt. Darkstar fighting an unrelenting battle of the mind to keep us out of harms way, and myself reassigned to survey our enemy once again. As I stared at the creature which hungrily stared back at the eight of us, I felt useless. It was as if my involvement made little to no difference overall. I was drawing a blank mentally on any way to get rid off the serpent. I could not aid Lt. Darkstar in defending our position. All I could do was watch.

I know my skills are limited but as a royal guard, it is my duty to defend Equestria and its citizens no matter the challenge. If the only way to serve and protect Equestria was to sit and watch a monster lay waste to a library while he or she devised his or her plan to devour the ponies next to me, so be it. I would manage but it wouldn’t be a fact that I could easily swallow.

I turned as a silence fell over the room. From outside a window, we could see a giant spider in posh attire scale the side of the building. He stared at us, tipped his hat and continued his descent. The next moment, he was inside the building and towered over all of us. I was shocked and confused at what was happening. Despite how friendly he was trying to be with his smile that seemed to never end, I kept my distance. I’m usually friendly with everypony but something was telling me to stay way from him.

“You ponies appear to be in quite a predicament,” the spider said as he yanked on my superior’s tail. Lt. Darkstar gave out a yelp and I could see the shield blink out and back in. This spider was knowingly hurting a pony and risking the lives of several others at the same time. Any voice in my mind telling me to stay away vanished. In its place were three words, “Protect and Serve.”

Corny? Yes. It didn’t matter though. I was already hurtling myself towards the spider, my wings reaching the highest speeds feasible within the three seconds it took to fly across the room. The impact did not phase the posh spider or at least externally. He just complemented on how brave I was and purposely patted me on the head a little too hard.

Sunny Scales prevented things from escalating between the spider and me. He and Professor Gene Poole kept the spider engaged in a conversation. I wasn’t really focusing at the time, considering the blow to the head I took when I dove into the spider, and believed it would have been best to return back to surveying the creature below us. The information that I caught from the occasional glance back was unsettling. The spider never changed quite changed his expression, extremely cheerful while dismissing a book Professor Gene Poole had and when the word “food” was mentioned.

Soon after, the spider vanished and we were left to face the serpent who was bashing down shelves upon shelves of books. Discussions commenced again but the others came across the idea of blinding the flying two-headed snake by using the reflective surface of the crystal cap.

The eight of us got to work with Sunny Scales, Typhoon Blade and I assigned to lift the entire crystal cap case as Lt. Darkstar sustained her shield around the third floor and Professor Gene Poole repositioned the cap from inside. There was a moment where Starlight Dawn prepped herself to cast a light spell.

Despite the weight that rested in my hooves, I felt lighter than air. I guess the saying doesn’t working in this situation seeing as I was actually in the air, mirroring the flap of my wings with Typhoon’s and Sunny’s to keep the case steady. I’m not sure how to put what I was feelings into words. I was just happy that I could actively fulfill my duties and be of use for once.

Everypony closed their eyes before the spell was casted but we all sensed the temperature spike as the beam passed us by. Two deep thundering wails could be heard from downstairs and we checked to see the state of the creature. It was temporarily blinded with both heads desperately trying to snap at anything that it could reach. After a while, one of the heads grabbed and proceeded to devourer a piece of itself. The other head retaliated as it bit on its own wing. The two heads of the serpent twisted and wrapped around itself until the creature disappeared right in front of us.

I’m conflicted on our action as I look back. The serpent endured a fate that no creature should bare but the security of Manehattan would be thrown into jeopardy if the serpent were to have found a way to escape the library, not to mention the lives of seven other individuals who were also in danger.

To conclude, Starlight Dawn and Sunny Scales scratched off some strange symbols inside the library and we were free to head to Mr. Scales’s penthouse to rest for tomorrow. I believe our next day shall be just as challenging as this one. We are still planing to go to the underworld with Mr. Scales, a trip that might last a couple of days. It is safe to assume that “Top Hat,” a name the eight of us unanimously agreed to give to the posh spider, would be there to make things even more difficult. The lives of everypony on our journey will be in danger. I swear I will protect these ponies and all in danger as a member of the Royal Guard and as a Night Watch pony.

This concludes journal two of Private Cepheid Glow during the Manehattan incident.



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