From Below

Starlight Dawn's Journal Entry Two

Highway to Hell

We arrived at Mr.Scales’s “pent house” where we all rested and slept. There, Glow brought back a filly from prison. I don’t much like prison rats. It was a yellow pony by the name of LemonBurst who appeared to be some sort of sales-pony. In the morning, Mr.Scales’s butler, Silvertray Pennyworth, made breakfast; he made an excellent daffodil and daisy sandwich. We decided to go to the underworld, so we packed our things and went off.

We arrived at central park, which was the supposed entrance to the underworld. We waited there for quite some time until finally a weaver (the giant spiders) showed up. He marked all of our legs with some sort of gliff, similar to one located in the library. After that, a mysterious blue circus tent appeared before my very eyes. Went in and we saw a bunch of blue ponies dressed in old fashioned clothing. There were also diamond dogs and griffins from what I could see. There was also a weaver selling snacks and drinks. We sat down in front of a stage where another blue pony came out and announced that she was… I can’t seem to remember her name; after all it was very loud in there. She said she was apparently going to do some sort of extreme trick that involved getting out of a guillotine before the chopper came down on her. She started and time was almost up before she came even remotely close to un-trapping herself. Just as the guillotine was about to come down, Glow shot like a bullet and knocked over the guillotine. Then the whole room went black. I tried to cast my light spell, and I felt the magic surge through my horn, but there was no light. Something truly strange indeed.

When the lights turned back on, we were in a room with Top Hat. He and Mr.Scales had yet another conversation and at the end of this one, Top Hat opened up a hole in the wall. We traveled down the tunnel and it started to get very tight. At the end of the tunnel, there was a bustling city, filled with the blue ectoplasmic ponies. The party started walking down the road until we came across a river. In the distance, we saw another blue pony on a boat. He told us he would take us across the river. His boat magically extended to fit all of us and we made our way across the river.

When we got to the other side, we got off of the boat. The boat driver sat down on a thrown and magically, stools came up for us to rest on. We sat down as he told us the tale of Discords bastard brother. He explained that he had 100 hands and each one caused pain and suffering, and how the Six were able to imprison him in Tartarus and how Cerberus was there to guard hos prison, and how… I’m getting a bit to carried away, but I just can’t help myself. It was truly an amazing story. Anyway, after he was done with his story, I asked him how we would be able to stop all of this. He told us that the best way would be to use the Items of the Six. We had already found one, the spear head, and I asked if it would be of any use to us against the weavers. But alas, in order for us to use it against them, we would need to restore it’s magical power. The prince then gave GenePoole a crystal that would help us get back to the underworld, should we ever need to. We concluded our conversation with him and he took us back across the river.

After we where safely across the river, we started walking back to the tunnel from with we came… and that’s when things got… out of hand. We where walking, when all of a sudden, I see a blue pony that looked just like StarSwirl the Bearded, and naturally, of course, I just had to talk to the father of the amniomorphic spell, the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era… anyway, I started to run toward him, joined by Professor GenePoole. Once we finally caught up to him, he faced us. I was so exited to get a chance to talk to the pony who basically invented the modern meaning of magic, but instead of being the wise, old wizard that I thought he was, he took out a book, through it at GenePoole and I, laughed at us, and then vanished. I was so disappointed not only at StarSwirl, but at myself as well. My job was to be a leader and I had failed at that. By pursuing my own personal want, I put the entire group in danger. This will not be pleasant when I tell Princess Luna.

GenePoole and I where then stuck inside a dark cave which we could not tell if it was magical or not. So I cast my light spell and sure enough, the light did come out of my horn this time. So we started walking down the cave, for the sake of adventure, when we came across a three way split in the tunnels. We started to head down the center one, when we heard a loud and angry roar coming from the darkness. So, naturally, we high tailed it out of there. We met up with the others and we decided (after much bickering) that we would go down the left tunnel because, of course, rule one of labyrinth is to always go left (if the center isn’t an option) and because we head that familiar digging sound coming from the way we entered. So we galloped down the left tunnel and sure enough, we were at the surface again. It was a barren and grassy field with no Manehatten in sight. I just hope we find our way back home soon.



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