From Below

Sunny Scale's Journal 2

To hell and back

Day 2 – I retrieved my heirloom cufflinks today, the streets are starting to be crowded with ponies leaving the city due to quarantines. The situation is too big for the local enforcements to handle so the royal guard has stepped in to fill in the gaps. It is much to my benefit that they are still not enough to cover a whole city with eyes and barriers. This may finally be my chance to perform my experiment, my chance for freedom has come in the form of a city wide Apocalypse. Such a rare opportunity should not be squandered.

Morning was a bit of a rough patch as Lieutenant Darkstar gave me a brief interrogation about last nights events. She seems to bear some hatred of me, and so I suspect she has been informed of my special condition. I would expect no less from such a high ranking and rather attractive member of the royal guard.

I decided to spend the evening investigating rumors of the ghost of Coppermane appearing in Central Park. Being a fan of the great magicians I decided to pay my respects, and I was quite suprised. A weaver, as I now know they are called, greeted me and gave me entrance to a tent where none other than Coppermane herself was performing. It was quite a show but it is a bit of a dissapointment to see one of my heroes and realize they are not nearly as intelligent as you thought they were. But my dissapointment gave way when I gained the location of Dana Coppermane’s warehouse. I can certainly find the simulacrum I require there, I shall make arrangements to conduct my search tomorrow before my mother’s servants can rob me of this opportunity.

After the show I followed the crowd down, into the underworld, where I made a series of valuable discoveries. For starters I found the root cause of my silver lined disaster to be a kin of the legendary Discord. Entropy as he is named appears to bear a similar story to his brother, in addition he has rendered the ruler of the underworld powerless. With the void of control the weavers, the polite spiders I encountered earlier, decided to work with the tunnelers to create havoc on the land of the living.

The key to solving this delimma would be to gather the six artifacts of The Six and use them to reseal entropy and restore order to the underworld. I will need the manage this situation carefully as solving it too soon would squander my opportunity and solving it too late would render any achievements from my experiment null and void.

I returned home for a long soak in some lava… the underworld leaves ones scales rather grimy feeling for some reason. I suspect its the mold and moisture from so many corpses.



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