From Below

Sunny Scale's Journal 3

Guards and Ghosts

Day 3 – I was rather rudely woken up by the demands of Lt. Darkstar. She continues to deflect my flattery and interrogate me at the same time. I fed her a watered down version of the events of yesterday. I can’t afford to give up my valuable knowledge of the situation for free, and I suspect Darkstar did not trust my story. I found out later that evening that she posted a guard above my home to tail me in the event of my leaving. I had to fly around the city as the roads are all clogged with people leaving for safer pastures. Its a shame they wont find much safety as I have received news that this is a worldwide event, which is to be expected as the underworld is also worldwide.

I went to Coppermane’s warehouse to search for magical items of use to me, and sadly the place had been picked clean of anything valuable long ago. But there is still advantage to be had from the excursion. The guard I have been assigned is quite gullible and easy to manipulate. This may be the greatest gift Darkstar will ever give me.

I should also note that I had the first of what I assume will be many attempts on my life. A ghost who died in an old furnace trapped me and my new lackey Glow inside said furnace with a dwindling supply of air. Thankfully I was able to command my assistant into being useful and opening the air vent for us. After that it was simply a matter of time before we escaped relatively unharmed. I had to destroy part of the vent on my way up, but it was of little consequence. More importantly my lackey lost her armor in the furnace, I need to make reparations or else Darkstar might reassign my lackey to a lower rank of guard duty.



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