From Below

Sunny Scale's Journal 4

Weaving weaver's games.

Day 4 – I woke up quite sore from last nights adventure. I decided to make the first gesture of friendship or flirting by giving Glow some money to pay for the armor she lost saving our lives. This should help in ensuring that I get to keep my new favorite royal guard. … I hope my gesture is well received, she is quite friendly and it could nice to have somepony who does not fear me, hate me, or have absolute loyalty to my parents.

I have noticed that despite the danger many of mother’s servants remain in my household, they are far too loyal but eventually they will run or die, leaving me with more freedom to do my great work… at least while the underworld mingles with ours. I have a short window and I need to make good use of it.

I took the next step in my plan today. Using my obtained knowledge as a trade to get the first of 3 artifacts I need in order to do my experiment. If I am successful, there will be many dragons like myself, able to live peacefully amongst ponies without either side fearing or betraying the other. And more importantly I will have absolute freedom to fulfill my destiny… I almost cannot hold back my excitement.

Darkstar was reluctant to give me possession of the helmet but my knowledge was a fair trade and my careful handling of the helmet will surely help maintain her confidence of my pursuits.

There was a slight delay in returning home, the weavers and moles decided to intervene and trap us inside the library. They also gave us the gift of a giant flying two headed snake. But thanks to my leadership and quick thinking we managed to pull together and escape with our lives in tact. However, we will surely suffer for my bargain with the weaver to play a game with him every day. These creatures are polite, charming, and extremely powerful, but they are also able to be manipulated and reasoned with. This knowledge may prove useful if I can outsmart the weaver through prolonged contact. I can feel the beginnings of a plan starting to form, and with due time I may yet save the world.

In addition I met several other ponies today, mostly scholars and commoners. Minus Darkstar and one of the professors, they all seem fairly easy to manipulate. I expect that soon they will recognize me as the group leader, and with them I may manage to banish Entropy and restore a future to everypony. As an added bonus we obtained one of the relics of The Six. Now we only need five more and I suspect our new antagonist can lead us to the shield.

On my return I fired half of my staff, this will be the first step towards me not having excessive pampering. As the city decays I will have less and less comforts. I expect that within a week I shall be a nomad of sorts. I made some preparations for safe houses and supplies, but the underground ones are likely worthless so I have at most 10 in the city if I include the supplies in my own penthouse. It is a grim prospect to think that I shall have to do things for myself… a scary thought if I was not so confident in my ability to take care of such things. I also made sure Pennyworth was not aware of my obtaining the helmet. I have decided to bring the ponies to my place to refresh and prepare for tomorrow. With the weaver planning to attack us it would be a bad idea to split up or be exhausted. There is also an added benefit, so long as I keep my new ‘friends’ nearby Pennyworth may suspect it belongs to them and not try to hide it from me…

That stallion is far too loyal to mother…

I hope her and father are safe.



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