From Below

Sunny Scale's Journal 6

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Ah, the wonders of fresh air, sunlight and a lack of lava.

Some days it can be a pain to be a dragon.

So to continue from my last entry my cohorts (minus one Lunar Protege Starlight Dawn) and I have since discovered that we are not in the nation of Equestria anymore. In addition we are not quite sure where we are. However, I seem to be well stocked on precious gemstones and I am sure I can lead us properly to the safety of our HQ.

We took some rest at the forest edge and decided that tomorrow we would seek more answers and supplies. A few of my companions did not sleep well for some unknown reason but I suspect it is the nerves of coming out of Tartarus. I hope this is a one time thing or we will have some very unstable ponies traveling with us soon enough.

I also spent a small amount of time planning for our next encounter with the Weaver… He undoubtedly knows more about The Artifacts of the Six which we need to stop Entropy. I suspect we can exploit his weakness of boredom to make him dilvuge information, but I still need more time to come up with a concrete plan.

The next morning we divided into groups of three. Fuchsia, Lemon and I gathered wood for torches and some food. Professors Typhoon and Gene tried to establish where on the planet we are. And lastly, Lt. Darkstar and Pvt. Glow scouted the area from above.

This was a wonderful plan until half our group vanished without a discernible cause or notice. During our foraging Fuchsia disappeared followed by us finding Lt. Darkstar only to discover Pvt. Glow had disappeared as well. Upon returning to camp Professor Typhoon had revealed that Professor Gene was also missing.

Strangely enough the missing ponies were the ones who did not sleep well. If it was not for the mysteriousness of their vanishing I would chalk it up to nerves but it still seems unlikely.

So off the four of us left, taking our supplies with us, to find our missing companions. Lemon tried mildly to flirt with me, only for me to again flirt with Lt. Darkstar. Apparently you cannot successfully flirt in this group. I will experiment more sometime later to see what can be done.

Our searching quickly got derailed as a series of voices led us to a river where a swarm of small creatures on the other side beckoned us across with knowledge of our friends. It took some time to get them to say what we needed them to, but eventually they provided us a show of trust by sending one of their kind as an envoy to speak in person.

Their kind was a race of small pony-like faeries called pixies. I suspect these to be the Breezies of myth but I am unsure as of this moment.

With their envoy in hand we crossed the river into ‘Pixie Territory’ to parley with their leader about our friends. The end result of which was a small agreement. We stop the Nixies from destroying the forest, and then the Pixies offer us any help they can in our journey before we leave the forest. This includes safe passage and freedom of our friends.

I am a bit suprised to call these ponies my friends but that is what they will be for now. In addition, I in particular need Professor Poole’s expertise in order to move my plan forward. I suspect his trust will be earned after saving him and saving the world with him that he will give me the knowledge I require.

The remaining rules are as follows:
‘Nixie Territory’ is the other side of the river we were originally on.
Nixies possess strong illusion magics.
Nixies need to be stopped somehow or else they will destroy the forest.
The Pixies will not be offering us aid until we stop the Nixies.

We are traveling to the other side of the river now so I shall end my entry here.

P.S. I wonder if I got the water hot enough, would it provide a suitable substitute for lava?



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