From Below

Under The Frozen North Pt 2

Lt. Darkstar's Journeal

We all watched transfixed, as the situation rapidly unraveled. As the monsters squared off against the archaeologists, my own ire rose. I felt angry and insulted that we were used in such a way. I was dimly aware, however, that my emotions were being magnified, and I worked to keep my calm. An officer that loses her head is good to no one!

Others weren’t as fortunate. Fuchsia Puff, of all ponies, seemed overtaken by the mood in the — what can you call it? A nightclub? A cathedral? A big cave? Anyway, Fuchsia amazed us all by donning a pink headband and wielding a pink flamingo lawn ornament as if it were a club. Everyone in his wake, monsters and ponies alike, cringed and fled.

I was, I have to admit, impressed.

Meanwhile, other ponies in our group converse, and I find Dr. Gene Poole casts a spell on me to help me keep my wits. Good thing, too, because we were about to be attacked by three rampaging stallions.

I must have initially been distracted by the strange emotional energy pulsing through the crowd, because my first attempt at a force ball was weak. The protection bubble was broken quickly, but our assailants were momentarily stunned. Then, I gather my magic and throw a force ball at the lead stallion – it cracks him in the head and knocks him out! Then again, I hit bullseye on the second. All this fighting is increasing my rage, and it’s barely controlled as I keep throwing force balls. With some help from Typhoon (who also seemed uncharacteristically aggressive) our attackers are subdued.

Things are looking bad! Typhoon and I are close to uncontrollable rage, and Fuchsia is tossing perfume-based molotov cocktails.

Suddenly, the emotions in the room deadened, and everyone stood looking at former opponents. Blinking, I searched for the cause.

Fuchsia Puff, Closer Look, and the strange rock monster had crashed to the ground.

My head suddenly clear, I instruct Typhoon to find Vom Boom, as myself and Dr. Poole sought out Captain Flipper.

Dr Poole and I interrogate Captain Flipper, using Dr Poole’s magical truth mind probe when the Captain’s answers aren’t immediately satisfactory. As it turns out, he was trying to help us (after tricking us into leading the way) and his group was overcome by the aggressive magic that filled the caves.

I cast Allegiance on Ceiphed, who was hyperventalating over the entire experience. Then I talk her down and order her to chill out.

Dr. Poole, Closer Look and move towards the unconscious Blaze Rock. We discuss the ethics of trying to remove the vest. Dr. Poole dons the goggles. and we manage to unhook the vest, and make sure that Blaze Rock is okay.

But then, things go downhill quickly. All of our fighting stirred up four windigoes!

We struggle against them, singing songs, and finally, Fuchsia dons the monster’s armor, and the windigoes dissipate. We all breathe a sigh of relief, and the room again starts to warm up.

In the aftermath, Sunny uses his Dragon breath to help speed the thaw.

We achieved our goal: another item of the Six is ours! But we are less clear on what to do now. Closer Look was persuaded to accompany us. And the group has decided to attempt to find a way Below, using some tunneler holes we’ve found.

How is the rest of the world holding up? We’ve been separated from Equestria for so long. Where are the friends we’ve lost on the way?

And where is the next item of the Six?



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