Fuchsia Puff

Flamboyant stallion with comical tendencies


Name: Fuchsia Puff
Age: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Guiding Element: Laughter
Special Purpose: To encourage and inspire everypony to their true selves as they see fit.
Cutie Mark: Comedy/Tragedy Masks
XP: 30

Mind: 3
Body: 1
Heart: 5
Energy: 4
Courage: 8
Fortitude: 6
Willpower: 9

Singing: 2
Dancing: 2
Cosmetology: 1

Talents: Creative, Sensitive

Job: Sales associate at Celestia’s Secret (Level 2)

Toast of the Town


Fuchsia Puff was born to Tank and Brandy Puff in Manehattan, and was named after is fuchsia color and naturally puffy mane and tail. He also has one younger sibling, a brother named Golden Locks. Tank works as a an athletic coach and spends his spare time working out, watching wrestling and monster truck rallies on television, drinking beer, and other stereotypically macho manly things. Brandy is a housewife, suffers from chronic depression, and spends her time making “smoothies” and being passed out on the couch. Golden Locks is a 17-year-old bisexual cross-dresser, a member of Anonymous, and spends his spare time trolling on the Internet, griefing on online games, and obsessing over the Twilight saga. Fuchsia’s family lives just outside of the West Manehattan district in a two-story home.

From a very young age he had exhibited interests that were considered contrary to gender norms (i.e. more “feminine”), which his parents disapproved of.

When he began primary school he tried to share his interests with the other colts and fillies, who in turn ridiculed and ostracized him. Because he was rejected by the majority this was quite painful for him, so he decided to assimilate by concealing his real interests and in turn projected the persona that the others wanted to see. He emulated the other colts in all of their interests and behavior, being quick to adapt and project the social norms they abided by. Any time he failed to do this, it would result further criticism. Despite the fact that he projected a façade to satisfy the desires of his peers and family, he still practiced his real interests in secrecy. He continued this cycle into his teenage years.

By the time Fuchsia began high school, he felt even more isolated than when he was younger. This was because the social norms not only became stricter and not only did peer pressure increase, but he also discovered that he had amorous feelings towards other stallions which was a subject that was stigmatized by everyone in his social circle. During his time in secondary school he noticed that there were many different groups or “tribes” of people who exhibited common interests, yet also noticed others who did what he so deeply yearned to do. He saw others who exhibited their true selves without regard for what anyone else thought of them. These people were generally considered outcasts by the others and were ridiculed and ostracized just as he was in primary. Despite the fact that they were subject to such treatment, they happily continued with their own lives and remained strong and steadfast. Fuchsia greatly admired their courage and self-authenticity, so he decided to take a social risk and start hanging out with them. Upon communing with them he was welcomed with open arms and was treated with open-mindedness, kindness, and respect. He felt no social pressure, no judgment, no hostility, and above all only felt acceptance. This was a particularly profound encounter that touched him deeply, and as a result he decided to manifest his true self to them. He poured his heart and soul out, to which his new friends received unconditionally and with understanding. With the new-found support and acceptance of his friends, he finally found the courage and audacity to publicly manifest his true self for the entire world to see. Despite the social backlash he received from the others, remained steadfast in his decision. He felt a great sense of pride and emancipation, as if he had finally broken free from his social bondage. His self-esteem flourished and his outward authenticity continuously increased, to the point where he encouraged others to do the same. He wanted others to know that it was ok to be different, that it is ok to love themselves for who they are, and that they didn’t have to assimilate into the flock. When he began evangelizing this he felt a deep sense of passion, like there was an instant spark, like everything clicked together. This is when obtained his cutie mark, the Comedy/Tragedy Masks. This symbolizes individualism and self-expression as the individual sees fit.

Fuchsia Puff

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