Lemon Burst

A lively and cheerful earth pony.


Name: Lemon Burst
Age: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Guiding Element: Generosity
Special Purpose: Share her love and appreciation of bees with everypony
Cutie Mark: Bumblebee
XP: 5
Bits: 30

Attributes (Including Bonuses) :
Mind: 3
Body: 3
Heart: 4
Energy: 6
Courage: 7
Fortitude: 7
Willpower: 10

Beekeeping lvl. 2
Entomology lvl. 2
Handypony lvl. 1

Talents: Agile, Sensitive, Tireless

Job: Beekeeper lvl. 2

Flaws: Fear of snakes and spiders.

-Toast of the Town/ Ponyville
-Forward Fortune
-Dodge Destiny
-Second Wind Hurricane
-Hoof-to-Hoof Combat


She comes from a family of lemon themed ponies and she is considered to be the odd sheep. She
only sees them once in awhile. Lemon Burst got her cutie mark on her grandmare’s birthday. Her other
family members brought her many gifts and Lemon Burst still didn’t have one to give. She decided she was going to get her grandmare flowers but the only ones she could find were covered with honeybees.
She managed to shoo them away but after she picked them the bees began to follow her. She had to pass through the family’s lemon grove to lose them. After delivering the flowers she felt curious and went back to follow the bees. When she saw how much dedication the bees put into their work she decided that bees weren’t scary or gross. She then developed a new found respect and fascination for the bees and that’s when she got her cutie mark.

Lemon Burst

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