Starlight Dawn

The personal assistant to Princess Luna


Name: Starlight Dawn
Age: Filly
Race: Unicorn
Guiding Element: Magic
Bits: Whatever she needs to get the job done
Special Purpose: To learn all there is to know
Mind: 5
Body: 2
Heart: 1
Energy: 7
Courage: 6
Fortitude: 3
Willpower: 8
Talents: Smart, Adaptable
Talents: smart, adaptable
Skills: diplomacy (1), animal first aid (1)
Jobs: Royal Assistant (1)
Known Spells: Moon Light (creates a ball of glowing light lvl 1), Moonlit Secrets (revels all kinds of secrets lvl 1),


As a young filly in magic kindergarten, she often competed with Twilight Sparkle for the title of top student. She considers Twilight as one of her best friends, but also her greatest rival and often aspires to be like her. After graduating, she went out on a journey to see the land of Equestria where, she studied hard and learned many things such as different languages, a verity of different spells, and developed a strange and abnormal photographic map of Equestria. After her journey, she went back to live in the town of Pony Ville where she became an author and wrote about her many tales she had while adventuring. After the adventure with Nightmare Moon however, she began her studies again. After a month or so, she went to Canterlot to show off her skill. The newly reformed Princess Luna was very impressed with her talent and offered Starlight the position of her personal protégé where she remains to this day, learning all sorts of new magic from the princess. She is very well versed in many magical aspects and can learn new spells very quickly. She wants to learn all there is to know about magic and hopes one day to be as powerful as the two regal sisters. She is a natural leader and likes it when things go her way. She is not afraid to take charge of any situation, but she also understands that sometimes, it is best is someone else took over. She is very kind and sweet, but can be stern at times to make sure her leadership isn’t questioned. She is faithful to Princess Luna and will follow her to the end, wherever that may take her.

Relationship with other characters:
Lt. DarkStar: she is a well respected Lt. in the Canterlot Royal Guard and thus far, her actions have proven this statement
Cepheid Glow: As of late, glow has become a very useful asset to the team, but still goofs up from time to time
Fuchsia Puff: unknown at the moment, he doesn’t really talk much and when he does, its usually a sales pitch. However, that bag of hers really is really something of interest
Professor GenePoole: They have many common interests including the study and love of magic and science. They will get along very well and she will be EXTRA nice to him
Sunny Scales: She doesn’t seem to trust Mr.Scales that much just based off a gut feeling. Regardless, she will be nice to him and will work with him, I don’t think he likes the fact that I am sorta in charge now, since his family has always been the ones running the show.
LemonBurst: Not much is know about this one, since they only just met. She does know, however that she is deathly afraid of spiders

Starlight Dawn

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