Sunny Scales

Upper class dragon with incredibly wealthy parents.


Name: Sunny Scales
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon (Drake)
Traits: Orange scales, red spines, yellow wing membranes. Spade tail.
Bits: Loaded.
Dragonheart: 3, possibly higher.
XP: 24

Mind: 7 (Base 1, +1 Racial, +3 Base Attributes, +2 Advancements)
Body: 3 (Base 1, +2 Racial)
Heart: 5 (Base 1, +1 Racial, +3 Advancement)

Energy: 10
Courage: 12
Fortitude: 8
Willpower: 15

Talents: Agile, Charismatic, Smart, Willful

Skills: Deceive 2
Thaumaturge 3
Research 1
Appraisal 1

Job: Diplomat 3

DO NOT FEAR US! (Dragon)
Upper Crust

Advancement log:
+1 Heart x3 (30 xp)
+1 Job (Diplomat) x2 (4 + 5 = 9 xp)
+1 Skill (Deceive) x1 (2 xp)
+1 Mind x2 (20 xp)

Totals 35 + 40 (+5 O, +5 O) = 85
-61 = 19xp

19+5xp = 24

(Image from as I was unable to find a MLP style dragon or dragon maker to fit my OC.)


(OOC: Sorry for all the mysterious or blank spots in the bio, its stuff that your characters, and thus you most likely would not or should not know just yet.)

Sunny Scales was born 30 or so years ago in a penthouse loft on the north side of Manehattan. His name comes from his bright orange scales and was given to him by his adoptive parents Silk Sunset, and Diamond Crown. Both of Sunny’s parents jointly run large portions of the economic center of Manehattan, giving them quite a bit of wealth which they tend to use for philanthropy or progressive experiments. Sunny is one of said experiments, the test to conquer a dragon’s natural desire to horde jewels and gold. The idea was simple, shower the dragon in such incredible wealth that he never feels lacking in riches or anything he wanted. And publicly this was a huge success, being covered with jewels and gold Sunny remains in a normal size and mind instead of a hording monstrosity.

Being the child of two of the wealthiest ponies in all of Manehattan has given Sunny much time to practice schmoozing with the upper crust of the city, leaving him well versed in social etiquette, diplomacy and of course the ability to lie, cheat, and plot incessantly. While Sunny is clever and manipulative at times he will always tell anyone who asks that he does everything for the betterment of pony, and dragonkind.

For hobbies Sunny adores the study of magic and magical artifacts. He is well researched in these areas and if he had more people to converse casually with, he would talk about theories and legends for hours. Before the current events that are causing chaos in the city, it was also a commonly known fact that Sunny acted like something of a ladies dragon (albeit with the local mares as female dragons are rather rare in the city.) This has rather cooled down since the city became a disaster and attractive mares are in short supply anyways.

Personality wise Sunny is fairly arrogant about his status amongst others, whether it be about wealth, intelligence, strength, charisma or anything really. Because of this Sunny always seems to believe he knows best and is quite strongly suited to thinking himself a leader amongst the less fortunate who live in the city. This city of course Sunny believes is his born inheritance.

A few things don’t quite add up as with every story about liars, but amongst those high enough to get direct contact with his parents it is well known that Sunny is constantly being monitored by his servants and those who work under the Crown Sunset family. In addition his mother has placed orders not to let Sunny buy or take various magical artifacts held in the city.

As of the time of all hell breaking loose on Manehattan, Sunny has become entangled in the center of the events due to his refusal to leave town and his constant plotting to benefit from the situation.

Recent notes:
Sunny’s parents are far outside the city, hiding away on an island somewhere with only small amounts of communication.
Obtained Crystal Cap – An item Sunny has shown keen interest in with the ability to focus or diffuse magical spells.
Sunny has formed some semblances of friendship with a group of ponies still residing in the city.
Sunny has started a series of games/challenges with a Weaver who trapped the group earlier.

Intercharacter relations
Lt. Darkstar – She holds a high contempt for Sunny. Why? Well that’s not public knowledge so you may need to ask her.
Cepheid Glow – Sunny’s night guard appointed by Darkstar. Friendly and quite gullible, one of Sunny’s favorite combination of traits. Also she is slowly proving to be quite the reliable sort as well.
Fuchsia Puff – Exceptionally chatty pony, despite this little else is known.
Typhoon Blade – With all of Sunny’s studies they share a lot of common ground, Typhoon also is proving useful. Her attitude towards Sunny is still unknown but her willingness to help is noted.
Prof. Gene Poole – Again some common ground, but with the possibility of tension, as Sunny admits that the Prof. may actually be as smart as he is, but Sunny is sure to beat him in other areas.
Starlight Dawn – Friendly so far, and Sunny is keen to profit off of someone not under his parents control having the power to change the rules.
Lemon Burst – Honey Salespony with a friendly nature. Due to this may be subject to control through bribes or business deals. Must investigate further.

Journal – A collection of Sunny’s private thoughts throughout the campaign. (Please don’t metagame with this.)
Entry 1: It Begins
Entry 2: To Hell and Back
Entry 3: Guards and Ghosts
Entry 4: Weaving Weaver’s Games
Entry 5: Back to Hell and Back
Entry 6: Over the River and Through the Woods

Sunny Scales

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