From Below

Private Cepheid Glow_Journal Two
I'm here to help.

Private Cepheid Glow taking note of today’s events as required in Article V Section 22C of The Official Royal Guard Regulations established in the 379th year of Princess Celestia’s reign.

Lt. Darkstar commanded me to be retrieve a new set of armor and guard the front door to a library where some ponies were trying to understand the current situation in Manehattan, including the assistant to Princess Luna.

After a while, a fuchsia stallion requested access into the building on the basis of the national security of Equestria. Unfortunately, his appearance did not match any of the ponies that I was told to let through and he didn’t have any other credentials than his word, so I needed to turn him down. He respected my stance on the issue and left. A few minutes later, Lt. Shadow Beam appeared and instructed me to follow him. Being of a lower rank, I kept close to Lt. Shadow Beam for the next hour.

Important Note: Lt. Shadow Beam appeared to be suffering through a great deal of stress. He was very thin and only spoke a few words to me during our time together, resorting to a select amount of phrases for communication. He did little else besides staring off into the distance. He didn’t take a bite out of his ice-cream. As a witness to his behavior and a fellow Night Guard, I would advise Lt. Shadow Beam to take a rest from any additional hardships. Perhaps he could reschedule his next photo shoot?

Oddly enough, the two of us ran into Sunny Scales who on his way to the library as well. Feeling guilty for abandoning my original post, I asked Lt. Shadow Beam if I may return to the library. Lt. Shadow Beam was rather unresponsive but he seemed to be enjoying his time on the park bench we were sitting on for the last few minutes. I decided my best course of action was to follow Mr. Scales back to library and inquire about Lt. Shadow Beam’s condition latter.

Continuing the odd occurrences today, Lt. Darkstar commanded Sunny Scales and I to enter the library without question. I believe she thought Mr. Scales was in my custody. Technically, he was but I found myself as more of an escort at the time. We were quickly introduced to the remaining ponies in the library:

- Starlight Dawn, personal assistant to Princess Luna

- Typhoon Blade, archeologist and geologist

- Dr. Gene Poole, teacher and researcher of magic

- Professor Brindle Crop, professor of architecture

- Fuchsia Puff, salestallion of… fine cloth

The eight of us exchanged all the information we had on the issue. With the payment of a crystal cap, a transaction approved by the members of the university present who represented the university’s best interests in the event of an apocalyptic scenario as established in the Official Equestrian Traders Exchange Rule Book of 897 C.R. ( Article X Section 12), Sunny Scales revealed to us that the current destruction in Manehattan was being caused by the creatures from the underworld. Gateways to their world and ours were being created through various means, releasing beings of powerful and unusual magic to reek havoc on the citizens of Equestria. He also offered us the change to venture into the underworld though a gateway he discovered which we gratefully accepted.

However, our conversation was cut short as the ground began to shake. We went downstairs to the basement to find a giant mole-insect hybrid. Professor Gene Poole called it a “talpa insecta.” Lt. Darkstar calls it a “tunneler,” so I shall use that name instead. Speaking of Lt. Darkstar, my superior ordered the rest of us to stay near the top of the stairs as the tunneler clicked and sniffed in its search for us. Unfortunately, Lt. Darkstar tripped and began to fall right onto the creature. Sunny Scales managed to save her by grabbing on to her tail, a feat that I can now confirm to be as painful as it sounds taking note of my superior’s screams.

With Lt. Darkstar safe, I was assigned to keep a close eye on the tunneler from the basement entrance while the others planned a way to save the library. I showed little emotion during my time alone with the creature. This was greatly different from my reaction to the skeleton in the furnace a few hours earlier. Internally, I was panicking to the same degree but felt the sense of duty that every guard feels. I had faltered earlier but now was not the time to think about that. The ponies a few flights of stairs above me were doing their best to protect this library and Manehattan as a whole. As a member of Royal Guard and a Night Watch pony, I must protect these ponies and Equestria no matter how difficult it may be and the way I could serve and protect Equestria was to sit, watch and report if the tunneler were to become agitated.

I felt sad. I’m not sure why. I couldn’t dwell on it too much because the others came back with their plan. Their plan was to have Fuchsia Puff put on a mask and dance with a broom.

I still don’t know how but the plan worked. The tunneler peacefully retreated back into the hole he or she bursted out from. Everypony congratulated each other for their hard work, including mine despite how little it may have been. However, there was still the problem of our means of escape as the building was somehow sealed from the outside, covered from head to hoof in what appeared to be magical strains that glowed a bright blue similar to the orbs from earlier. The rest continued back up the stairs trying to find a solution to our newest problem while I resumed surveillance duties over the gaping hole the Tunneler left in the basement. I began to think, I guess, on why I was sad.

My thoughts were cut short as I discovered a way various creatures of the underworld could travel to our domain: through a vacant tunneler hole.

A flying serpent that dwarfed the tunneler, who also possessed a head on both ends of its body, slithered out of the pit. I alerted the others and we fled up to the third floor. Lt. Darkstar casted a shield that engulfed the entire level, blocking the serpent’s path. The time afterwards was a bit of a blur to me with the rest of the team gathered to devise a new plan to vanquish the monster currently thrashing the first and second floor, Lt. Darkstar fighting an unrelenting battle of the mind to keep us out of harms way, and myself reassigned to survey our enemy once again. As I stared at the creature which hungrily stared back at the eight of us, I felt useless. It was as if my involvement made little to no difference overall. I was drawing a blank mentally on any way to get rid off the serpent. I could not aid Lt. Darkstar in defending our position. All I could do was watch.

I know my skills are limited but as a royal guard, it is my duty to defend Equestria and its citizens no matter the challenge. If the only way to serve and protect Equestria was to sit and watch a monster lay waste to a library while he or she devised his or her plan to devour the ponies next to me, so be it. I would manage but it wouldn’t be a fact that I could easily swallow.

I turned as a silence fell over the room. From outside a window, we could see a giant spider in posh attire scale the side of the building. He stared at us, tipped his hat and continued his descent. The next moment, he was inside the building and towered over all of us. I was shocked and confused at what was happening. Despite how friendly he was trying to be with his smile that seemed to never end, I kept my distance. I’m usually friendly with everypony but something was telling me to stay way from him.

“You ponies appear to be in quite a predicament,” the spider said as he yanked on my superior’s tail. Lt. Darkstar gave out a yelp and I could see the shield blink out and back in. This spider was knowingly hurting a pony and risking the lives of several others at the same time. Any voice in my mind telling me to stay away vanished. In its place were three words, “Protect and Serve.”

Corny? Yes. It didn’t matter though. I was already hurtling myself towards the spider, my wings reaching the highest speeds feasible within the three seconds it took to fly across the room. The impact did not phase the posh spider or at least externally. He just complemented on how brave I was and purposely patted me on the head a little too hard.

Sunny Scales prevented things from escalating between the spider and me. He and Professor Gene Poole kept the spider engaged in a conversation. I wasn’t really focusing at the time, considering the blow to the head I took when I dove into the spider, and believed it would have been best to return back to surveying the creature below us. The information that I caught from the occasional glance back was unsettling. The spider never changed quite changed his expression, extremely cheerful while dismissing a book Professor Gene Poole had and when the word “food” was mentioned.

Soon after, the spider vanished and we were left to face the serpent who was bashing down shelves upon shelves of books. Discussions commenced again but the others came across the idea of blinding the flying two-headed snake by using the reflective surface of the crystal cap.

The eight of us got to work with Sunny Scales, Typhoon Blade and I assigned to lift the entire crystal cap case as Lt. Darkstar sustained her shield around the third floor and Professor Gene Poole repositioned the cap from inside. There was a moment where Starlight Dawn prepped herself to cast a light spell.

Despite the weight that rested in my hooves, I felt lighter than air. I guess the saying doesn’t working in this situation seeing as I was actually in the air, mirroring the flap of my wings with Typhoon’s and Sunny’s to keep the case steady. I’m not sure how to put what I was feelings into words. I was just happy that I could actively fulfill my duties and be of use for once.

Everypony closed their eyes before the spell was casted but we all sensed the temperature spike as the beam passed us by. Two deep thundering wails could be heard from downstairs and we checked to see the state of the creature. It was temporarily blinded with both heads desperately trying to snap at anything that it could reach. After a while, one of the heads grabbed and proceeded to devourer a piece of itself. The other head retaliated as it bit on its own wing. The two heads of the serpent twisted and wrapped around itself until the creature disappeared right in front of us.

I’m conflicted on our action as I look back. The serpent endured a fate that no creature should bare but the security of Manehattan would be thrown into jeopardy if the serpent were to have found a way to escape the library, not to mention the lives of seven other individuals who were also in danger.

To conclude, Starlight Dawn and Sunny Scales scratched off some strange symbols inside the library and we were free to head to Mr. Scales’s penthouse to rest for tomorrow. I believe our next day shall be just as challenging as this one. We are still planing to go to the underworld with Mr. Scales, a trip that might last a couple of days. It is safe to assume that “Top Hat,” a name the eight of us unanimously agreed to give to the posh spider, would be there to make things even more difficult. The lives of everypony on our journey will be in danger. I swear I will protect these ponies and all in danger as a member of the Royal Guard and as a Night Watch pony.

This concludes journal two of Private Cepheid Glow during the Manehattan incident.

Private Cepheid Glow_Journal One
The Manehattan Incident

Private Cepheid Glow taking note of today’s events as required in Article V Section 22C of The Official Royal Guard Regulations established in the 379th year of Princess Celestia’s reign.

I was dispatched tonight with fellow Night Watch guards to Manehattan to investigate the otherworldly happenings and protect citizens from danger. Specifically, I was told to follow the orders of my superior, Lt. Darkstar, as well as to stay out of trouble.

Lt. Darkstar filled me in on the situation as much as she could before we approached a large penthouse. It belonged to the young socialite Sunny Scales, a dragon whose adoptive parents were big name philanthropists. In my eye, Mr. Scales appeared to be rather welcoming, despite how late it was becoming, and was very polite to the both of us. Still, Lt. Darkstar holds little trust in him so we took his statement with a grain of salt. Lt. Darkstar ordered me to trail Mr. Scales if he were to leave later and report back any suspicious activity. An aspect about this mission that needs to be expressed more is its focus on stealth and the ability to blend in.

Important Note: Night Watch pegasi possess the power to imitate statues, primarily ones of gargoyles. However, a significant amount of pain in joints around the forelegs, back-legs, wings and jaw may occur after a certain period of time.

As morning approached, I discovered Sunny Scales flying off to some unknown location, shielding his scales with a long dark cloak. I pursued him but kept my distance to go unnoticed. He arrived at a warehouse that didn’t seem to belong to him, or anypony else for that matter. I questioned whether I should have gone to report back to Lt. Darkstar but I believed that I required more information on his exact actions inside. If he wasn’t causing a crime, perhaps I could convince him to return to Lt. Darkstar with me?

I entered through a partly opened window with ease and placed my hooves on the catwalk. The catwalk gave way immediately and I was seconds away from falling from the third floor to ground level. I managed to save my neck but I alerted Mr. Scales of my presence. For the next several minutes, the dragon and I shifted about the crates; aware of the general area where each of us stood but unable to catch the other. This would have been fun if I was not told to treat him as a suspect for things unknown. Eventually, Mr. Scales resorted to calling out to me. Understanding his annoyance of being constantly pursued and wishing to convince him out of any criminal activity, I responded back from the safety of my crate.

He proposed that we work together to find a specific item pertaining to Dana Coppermane. I agreed so long as he would give the item to Lt. Darkstar to help our investigation. He agreed and we popped from behind our respective crates to search.

We found nothing of interest to Mr. Scales until we spotted a secret passage. The passage led us down a stairway that provided little light. The two of us ended up in a small room with no light to speak of at all. Suddenly, glowing blue orbs surrounded us, illuminating what appeared to be a chimney of some kind………. and a burnt corpse.

We were inside a furnace. Then, the doors shut by themselves-immovable. We were trapped inside a furnace.

A member of the Royal Guard is trained to keep his or her composure in any situation. I regret to report that the realization of being trapped inside an abandoned furnace with a burnt corpse, glowing blue orbs, the laughter of foals and the distinct smell of smoke was too much for me.

Thankfully, Mr. Scales was able to calm me down. We managed to escape with minimal damage to ourselves and to the building. I lost my armor in the furnace but Mr. Sunny Scales insisted on giving me money to buy another one. I am slightly worried about what my superior will say about this but I believe that Mr. Scales is a gentlecolt. He has yet to steal anything and has done no property damage except for our aforementioned escape. I will conclude this report after my check-in with Lt. Darkstar.


The report went well but there were a few things I didn’t suspect to be a problem and I apologize and am willing to take responsibility for any violations I have performed.

Important Note: Taking money from potential suspects of things unknown is considered a bribe.

This concludes journal one of Private Cepheid Glow during the Manehattan incident.

Lt. Darkstar's Journal
Nixies and Pixies; and the Spear of the Six

The change was sudden. One moment I was (grudgingly) accepting a particularly delightful scone from a Pixie, the next moment a wave of what could only have been magical energy washed over the glade. I recall being a bit sick to my stomach, watching the world move and distort around me. Then, with a snap! everything was righted again. But where were the others? The Pixies told me that this was happening with distressing regularity as the Tree weakened. I was alarmed as Typhoon, Lemonburst and Sunny Scales disappeared. The Pixies were of little help as they shrugged their diminutive shoulders and said, “We’ll look for them.”

There was nothing to do but eat more scones.

Some time later, Typhoon came back, with none other than Trooper Glow in tow! We compared notes and found that Glow, the Professor and Fuschia Puff were in the Nixie camp. To punctuate this, a group of Nixies accompanied Glow, and caused more than a little stir as the Pixies confronted them. Fortunately, we were able de-escalate the situation by sending the Nixies back to collect the other ponies.

Things were looking up!

We all met in the standing stones in the River. On a disturbing note, Sunny and Lemonburst will still missing. Still, we worked out a solution that involved bribing the Nixie Queen and the Pixie King into the glade so that we could figure out how to help them, and by extension, ourselves.

It wasn’t that simple, of course, as the two Feys began magically duelling. The left a train of annoying destruction behind them, and when they turned Fuschia’s mane to an unfortunate shade of avocado, I knew I had to do something.

It took all my magic, and a lot of my luck, to summon force spheres to contain the two Feyfolk. But I was able to keep them quiet long enough for the others to reason with them.

We found out that the Elder Tree was being weakened, and it was the main source of power in the forest. It also protected the forest and strengthened — as they described — the walls between the worlds. Once the King and Queen regained their senses, they quite sensibly asked for our help.

In exchange, we asked for their help to refit the Spear of the Six! They agreed, and after another day of peacemaking, discussion, and scones, the newly reforged weapon was delivered to us.

What a sight it was! No longer a rusty relic, it surpassed the finest spears in the Canterlot armouries. The shaft was made of a reddish wood which, we were told, was from a limb of the Elder Tree itself.

With some consideration, I asked Trooper Glow to wield the spear. I think that she was the safest choice, and truly the coolest head in the group. I surpressed a twinge of pride as she took the weapon.

But the hard part was next! How to save the tree?

Professor Poole cast a particularly illuminating spell and found tendrils of — what I remember being called — ectoplasm winding throughout the forest. The tendrils seemed to converge at the Elder Tree. The Professor tried to use the spear to influence them, but no luck. But Trooper Glow managed to erase several of the streams!

We resolved to go to the tree. While Typhoon looked around, Professor Poole erased more ectoplasm. Tyhpoon found a cave, or tunnel, entrance, and we went down below, once again. I maintained rear guard.

The tunnels were very narrow, hardly larger than a set of pony shoulders and hindquarters, and there was no way to turn around. The only retreat would be backing up! The group wound through the tunnels, and I could only hear muffled voices.

There was the weeping, though, and that sent chills up my spine.

The others reached a small chamber and discussed what sounded like the ghost of a Princess, and the appearance of a Weaver (oh lovely). I watched the tunnels with deepening concern. Surely I was imagining the low vibrations in the ground. And… and the loosening of sand in the tunnel wall was just… was just the result of us walking through the tunnel.

But then I heard the eerily familiar scratching, scuttling sounds of a Tunneler. “Give me the spear!” I cried. “Just give me the spear!”

Glow handed it to me, and I pointed it down the narrow tunnel. The increasing vibrations shook my hooves, and the spear vibrated, too. I confess it could have been my own nerves shaking, but regardless of my fear, I held my ground. I was the only thing between the others and the Tunneler (or worse) approaching.

It burst out of the tunnel wall some feet ahead of me. It’s ugly head swivelled immediately at me, and it charged. I shouted, felt the spear energize with magic I’ve never felt before, and I braced it for what was coming.

The Tunneler never reached the speartip, though. About a foot before it would have hit the point, the spear vibrated forcefully, sending shocks of magic all through my body. And then, the magic was directed out the tip, and into the Tunneler.

And the Tunneler just… poof. It seemingly melted into the air. I’ll never know if it was destroyed or sent back to the place where it came, but the important thing was that it was no longer threatening us.

Slack with relief, I continued to guard the tunnel as the others discussed options. Finally, Trooper Glow engaged the Weaver in (probably inane) discussion, while Typhoon took the spear and tried to outflank the evil spider. I gave the spear to the pegasus and hissed, “Don’t lose it!”

Which of course, meant, that she would lose it. The pegasus tripped and sent the spear down a rabbit hole, and it was only the Professor’s skilled use of telekinesis that retrieved our only defense.

This time the Professor went to outflank the Weaver while Glow continued to distract it. When the Weaver saw what was coming, it screeched and ran back towards us!

Glow expertly ducked the things grasping arms, and I endeavored to cast a protection bubble to trap it. But no luck! This time I failed miserably and the entire cave ceiling collapsed on us! Glow was trapped between an angry Weaver and a solid wall.

Frantically, Typhoon, Fuscia and I tried to break through. A protection bubble wasn’t enough, so I summoned a sconed one and we all pushed it through the rockfall. Our combined strength pushed it through!

We were almost too strong, though, because as we pushed through, we pushed the Weaver directly into the spear that Professor Poole was holding. The Weaver gave an unworldly scream and went the way of the Tunneler before it.

To my mind, this was the best possible solution, but the others pointed out that now they needed to figure out how to summon the ghost, since it was the ghost that was inadvertently damaging the tree while the Weaver was harvesting said ghost.

We tried Fuschia’s ukelele, but that didn’t work. We even offered chocolate, but to no avail. Finally, while putting our heads together, we used the spear to fashion an ectoplasmic fairy circle and called for the Princess.

She appeared! After a profound and tear-inducing talk, Fuschia persuaded the Princess to follow her Prince and leave this world.

The tree was saved! The Nixies and Pixies were no longer at one another’s throats!

But we were still missing three of our number, and we needed 5 more relics. Lt. Darkstar


So, congrats to our new leader… the mighty general… Fuchsia Puff? You heard it here future listeners (if anypony finds these memory logs) The creatures I mentioned earlier, while they DID capture us, they seemed to be almost enchanted by the sales muses music. We were given a feast in her honour and about a night to figure out how to wipe out an entire species. Oh, no. Not our would be captors, the Nixies. These winged critters are at war with another tribe on the other side of this fogged forest. This other tribe has been described as evil, fanged, merciless, and fat. Although… with a name like “Pixies” it doesn’t seem likely. Either way, as a very active proponent of peace and pacifism, I or my companions needs to come up with a way to escape AND stop a war in a single night.

Our “fearless leader” has ordered Dark Star’s lackey to get captured by the Pixie tribe to warn them of the plan. I am surprised to find out that some of our crew DID survive the (what I can only identify as) fairy circle effect. How, you ask did I find this out if the guard pegasi was supposed to get taken prisoner? She had a few stealth Nixies with her and managed to escape their trail after coming across “more ponies” as the Nixies described. I can only conclude the mission was more than just a success, it seems to be a miracle. We watch as the Nixies get drunk, and chant for tomorrow’s battle. We meet with the ponies held on the other side in the middle before dawn. If all is successful… there will not be a battle at all. Here goes nothing.

End Log: 6


A few days to gather whatever supplies a prince of the dead can grant us and we head up again, this time through an entirely different tunnel. By my estimation, it seems to be angled so drastically from our last stray path, we may very well end up out of the borders of Equestria (though I cannot anticipate how far.) Another squabble with Top Hat and his jolly burrowing friends later, (It’s just another chase scene and struggle for our very lives, nothing new to report.) we make it to the surface. Where are we? We turn to our expert archaeologist for some clue in the rock formations, sediment composition, familiar plant life… nothing. We might as well be on the other side of the world.

Hey guess what? We’re on the other side of the world. Or rather, we were until our split scouting parties and dove right into a nearby forest and (not my idea) stumbled across some strange formations in the ground which leads us to… guess where… another place we do not know the location of. Brilliant. Only this is much worse as our group of chummy chums seems to be divided. All that remain by my side is the sales pony and that talkative captain’s guard pony who, thankfully, is not so talkative. As long as we’re not immediately ambushed by whatever lives in these parts (if anything). Thankfully… perhaps not thankfully, the ominous quiet doesn’t cease. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Not long. There are hundreds of them! Winged, sharp toothed, swift, and clever! More to come… if we, the final three survive.


A few days of travel or a lifetime of endless wandering, I am not sure, but we have trusted the dragon to lead us down into the depths of the Earth.
Although we really had no choice in the matter, it turns out his information was correct. We all managed to avoid creatures of immense digging power
along the way. Although they do not seem to be able to dig through space-time on their own, but the fabric of our world and the one we aim to get to
seems much more fragile than a few layers of dirt and sediment.

Though we know the danger is not passed we have entered the realm of the dead (at least, I assumed the spectres spectating above us are dead) and have
spoken with the prince of the underworld himself. Distressed and livid, he confirms my suspicions that the beings ominously (and actually mindlessly)
hovering above us are those of ponies past. They cannot seem to find their way home. And although the weavers are not responsible for the destabilization
of the rifts between dimensions they are the ones influencing the fragile spirits into staying in the physical world for too long. When spirits dwell
where the ought not to for too long they degrade into nourishment for the weavers. The Circle of life… after death. End log 4

Sunny Scale's Journal 6
Over the River and Through the Woods...

Ah, the wonders of fresh air, sunlight and a lack of lava.

Some days it can be a pain to be a dragon.

So to continue from my last entry my cohorts (minus one Lunar Protege Starlight Dawn) and I have since discovered that we are not in the nation of Equestria anymore. In addition we are not quite sure where we are. However, I seem to be well stocked on precious gemstones and I am sure I can lead us properly to the safety of our HQ.

We took some rest at the forest edge and decided that tomorrow we would seek more answers and supplies. A few of my companions did not sleep well for some unknown reason but I suspect it is the nerves of coming out of Tartarus. I hope this is a one time thing or we will have some very unstable ponies traveling with us soon enough.

I also spent a small amount of time planning for our next encounter with the Weaver… He undoubtedly knows more about The Artifacts of the Six which we need to stop Entropy. I suspect we can exploit his weakness of boredom to make him dilvuge information, but I still need more time to come up with a concrete plan.

The next morning we divided into groups of three. Fuchsia, Lemon and I gathered wood for torches and some food. Professors Typhoon and Gene tried to establish where on the planet we are. And lastly, Lt. Darkstar and Pvt. Glow scouted the area from above.

This was a wonderful plan until half our group vanished without a discernible cause or notice. During our foraging Fuchsia disappeared followed by us finding Lt. Darkstar only to discover Pvt. Glow had disappeared as well. Upon returning to camp Professor Typhoon had revealed that Professor Gene was also missing.

Strangely enough the missing ponies were the ones who did not sleep well. If it was not for the mysteriousness of their vanishing I would chalk it up to nerves but it still seems unlikely.

So off the four of us left, taking our supplies with us, to find our missing companions. Lemon tried mildly to flirt with me, only for me to again flirt with Lt. Darkstar. Apparently you cannot successfully flirt in this group. I will experiment more sometime later to see what can be done.

Our searching quickly got derailed as a series of voices led us to a river where a swarm of small creatures on the other side beckoned us across with knowledge of our friends. It took some time to get them to say what we needed them to, but eventually they provided us a show of trust by sending one of their kind as an envoy to speak in person.

Their kind was a race of small pony-like faeries called pixies. I suspect these to be the Breezies of myth but I am unsure as of this moment.

With their envoy in hand we crossed the river into ‘Pixie Territory’ to parley with their leader about our friends. The end result of which was a small agreement. We stop the Nixies from destroying the forest, and then the Pixies offer us any help they can in our journey before we leave the forest. This includes safe passage and freedom of our friends.

I am a bit suprised to call these ponies my friends but that is what they will be for now. In addition, I in particular need Professor Poole’s expertise in order to move my plan forward. I suspect his trust will be earned after saving him and saving the world with him that he will give me the knowledge I require.

The remaining rules are as follows:
‘Nixie Territory’ is the other side of the river we were originally on.
Nixies possess strong illusion magics.
Nixies need to be stopped somehow or else they will destroy the forest.
The Pixies will not be offering us aid until we stop the Nixies.

We are traveling to the other side of the river now so I shall end my entry here.

P.S. I wonder if I got the water hot enough, would it provide a suitable substitute for lava?

Sunny Scale's Journal 5
Back to hell and back

We started today with a refreshing visit to my home. I personally started off with a lava bath, some rubies and a delightful rest on smooth massage stones. I expect my new companions found equal ways to refresh for our adventure.

Taking note there was no snooping I noticed in my home but we shall see in time how trustworthy this group really is. I can only hope for the best and keep my trust in Glow to remain helpful. As for Pennyworth, he was kept busy from the voracious appetite of my new acquaintances, namely Typhoon to spend too much time poking around in my more recent affairs, at the very least this group has proven useful in that respect. However out of caution I had to leave the helmet behind at the loft. If all goes well I can have Glow retrieve it when the time comes for it to be needed, since she brought it there Pennyworth may suspect it belongs to her.

After refreshments we packed our saddlebags with provisions and set off to Tartarus. We left earlier in the day than necessary, in part because I was unsure of how long the trip would take by hoof in the modified city and… also because just sitting around and watching everypony is a good way to start getting a judge of their character. Most of the group seemed impatient but Glow handled the waiting well and I just reassured everypony that this was in fact where we had to be.

Dusk approached, our tickets magically appeared before us and just in time for the tent to arrive and our entrance to open. I went through the motions first, being both the most experienced and as soon to be de-facto leader it was my duty to do so. No major problems occurred till the near end of Coppermane’s Last Trick… I can only sigh heavily as Glow bluntly dashed in to stop the trick from occurring and ‘killing’ the already dead magician. With that event the room flooded with darkness and through the void we fell. Regaining vision in a tunnel with Top Hat greeting us in his usual fashion.

The next sight, I admit I must have some hope to continue without fear. Because of Glow’s intervention, the weaver consumed a pony soul… and with what had just happened I was feared the worst that said soul was that of Coppermane herself… The mare was dense but she was a legend, she deserved better care of her soul than to be eaten like cheap pasta. Again, I have no conclusive proof of this, but the worry exists nonetheless.

Continuing on, we followed the tunnel down, being only able to go in that direction with our fiend blocking the exit. The walk seems to take longer every time, but we reached the end soon enough. I waited patiently for the other ponies to get their fill of the Ghost Town before we headed to the Prince’s palace.

After a brief introduction we were crossing the river yet again. That beautiful obsidian-like glassy water… I can not help but imagine how delicious such a delicacy would be to imbibe. Smooth and flowing, yet filling, and with a mild hint of sulfur. Such a drink would truly be an experience for any dragon. But enough daydreaming, we refreshed on our mission and got some new information at the Palace. Mostly in the form of the restoration process for The Six Artifacts, along with a crystal to help us get back to Tartarus when needed.

And right on time, the weaver decided to interrupt our trip back with more tricks and games. Walking through the Ghost Town we all stopped at once, and I saw Lifebringer, the Steelhoofed with my own two slit eyes. With just the slightest fancy I could see it, the master of artifice knowing the answers to my problem giving me my hearts desire immediately… But I’m no foal, or fool for that matter. Steelhoof died over six centuries ago. His legacy remains but his soul cannot. I held back only to see half of my companions dashing forward to him. I simply did what came naturally to me and grabbed the most familiar tail in front (The delightfully soft strands of Lt. Darkstar) and ordered the rest of us to stop them. Sadly only Glow was able to react in time to stop one of them. And so we were bested by the weaver once today.

Under my direction we followed the two unicorns who ran off to a tunnel which was not the one we entered. I should note that Typhoon was most helpful in this endevor, her skill set is showing and with any luck she will prove useful in the come trials. Sadly we could not abandon our comrades so we went directly into the weavers claws with a cautious dread.

Thankfully we had little issue finding the unicorns, but unfortunately we lost access to the way we came as a tunneler blocked our path. I expect we could have found a way past him but my companions insisted on playing the weavers game and continuing up his pathway.

Yet again, to no surprise we encountered Top Hat. He gave us a short speech on the joy of our deaths and his games coming together. I cannot help but note that his view makes perfect sense, but still bears the feeling of malice. To us, he sounded threatening and cruel with his casual assumption of our deaths and the benefit her derives from it. But for him I suspect death is just part of the food chain and ultimately a real common necessity for his kind. This helped me maintain my bearing, but I wonder how well my companions handled such talk.

Regardless, it was a short and less than sweet visit before we continued on to see what the weaver had in store for us. A riddle in an old language and two golems guarding the exit. Looking back it was child’s play, the weaver may have vastly underestimated our combined resources when he picked this trap to hold us. We passed through in under a minute, with Poole blurting out the answer immediately and the golems crumbling to pieces.

I must take a moment to pause, for that may truly end up being the greatest tragedy of the day. I could have used one of those golems for my plans as the simulacrum device, getting me so very close to freedom. And just like that, they crumble to dust, but at least they are relatively easy to come by. For what little consolation that gives.

With a deep breath I smelled the fresh air as we reached the surface yet again. Our destination was some open field, no Manehattan on the horizon but I expect that we can get back in due time. Only slightly more pressing than the lack of knowledge to our location is the lack of a volcano at our location. The underworld still leaves me in want of a lava bath, and now for once I shall have to continue without, and this may truly be the weaver’s first victory against me.

Starlight Dawn's Journal Entry Two
Highway to Hell

We arrived at Mr.Scales’s “pent house” where we all rested and slept. There, Glow brought back a filly from prison. I don’t much like prison rats. It was a yellow pony by the name of LemonBurst who appeared to be some sort of sales-pony. In the morning, Mr.Scales’s butler, Silvertray Pennyworth, made breakfast; he made an excellent daffodil and daisy sandwich. We decided to go to the underworld, so we packed our things and went off.

We arrived at central park, which was the supposed entrance to the underworld. We waited there for quite some time until finally a weaver (the giant spiders) showed up. He marked all of our legs with some sort of gliff, similar to one located in the library. After that, a mysterious blue circus tent appeared before my very eyes. Went in and we saw a bunch of blue ponies dressed in old fashioned clothing. There were also diamond dogs and griffins from what I could see. There was also a weaver selling snacks and drinks. We sat down in front of a stage where another blue pony came out and announced that she was… I can’t seem to remember her name; after all it was very loud in there. She said she was apparently going to do some sort of extreme trick that involved getting out of a guillotine before the chopper came down on her. She started and time was almost up before she came even remotely close to un-trapping herself. Just as the guillotine was about to come down, Glow shot like a bullet and knocked over the guillotine. Then the whole room went black. I tried to cast my light spell, and I felt the magic surge through my horn, but there was no light. Something truly strange indeed.

When the lights turned back on, we were in a room with Top Hat. He and Mr.Scales had yet another conversation and at the end of this one, Top Hat opened up a hole in the wall. We traveled down the tunnel and it started to get very tight. At the end of the tunnel, there was a bustling city, filled with the blue ectoplasmic ponies. The party started walking down the road until we came across a river. In the distance, we saw another blue pony on a boat. He told us he would take us across the river. His boat magically extended to fit all of us and we made our way across the river.

When we got to the other side, we got off of the boat. The boat driver sat down on a thrown and magically, stools came up for us to rest on. We sat down as he told us the tale of Discords bastard brother. He explained that he had 100 hands and each one caused pain and suffering, and how the Six were able to imprison him in Tartarus and how Cerberus was there to guard hos prison, and how… I’m getting a bit to carried away, but I just can’t help myself. It was truly an amazing story. Anyway, after he was done with his story, I asked him how we would be able to stop all of this. He told us that the best way would be to use the Items of the Six. We had already found one, the spear head, and I asked if it would be of any use to us against the weavers. But alas, in order for us to use it against them, we would need to restore it’s magical power. The prince then gave GenePoole a crystal that would help us get back to the underworld, should we ever need to. We concluded our conversation with him and he took us back across the river.

After we where safely across the river, we started walking back to the tunnel from with we came… and that’s when things got… out of hand. We where walking, when all of a sudden, I see a blue pony that looked just like StarSwirl the Bearded, and naturally, of course, I just had to talk to the father of the amniomorphic spell, the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era… anyway, I started to run toward him, joined by Professor GenePoole. Once we finally caught up to him, he faced us. I was so exited to get a chance to talk to the pony who basically invented the modern meaning of magic, but instead of being the wise, old wizard that I thought he was, he took out a book, through it at GenePoole and I, laughed at us, and then vanished. I was so disappointed not only at StarSwirl, but at myself as well. My job was to be a leader and I had failed at that. By pursuing my own personal want, I put the entire group in danger. This will not be pleasant when I tell Princess Luna.

GenePoole and I where then stuck inside a dark cave which we could not tell if it was magical or not. So I cast my light spell and sure enough, the light did come out of my horn this time. So we started walking down the cave, for the sake of adventure, when we came across a three way split in the tunnels. We started to head down the center one, when we heard a loud and angry roar coming from the darkness. So, naturally, we high tailed it out of there. We met up with the others and we decided (after much bickering) that we would go down the left tunnel because, of course, rule one of labyrinth is to always go left (if the center isn’t an option) and because we head that familiar digging sound coming from the way we entered. So we galloped down the left tunnel and sure enough, we were at the surface again. It was a barren and grassy field with no Manehatten in sight. I just hope we find our way back home soon.

Starlight Dawn's Journal Entry One
The Start of Something New

With all of Equestria in turmoil and Princess Celestia missing, Princess Luna has instructed me to visit the city of Manehatten and discuss what has been going on as of late. I humbly accepted this task and began my journey there where I met some of Equestria’s greatest minds… and also some of Equestria’s not so greatest minds.

When I arrived at the at Manehatten, I immediately convened a meeting at the city library. There I met the highly esteemed (not to mention good looking) Professor GenePool, the famous archaeologist, Typhoon Blade, as well as a royal guard, Lt. DarkStar. Throughout the meeting, we discussed what has been happening lately.

Things were going smoothly when all of a sudden, there was a loud thud on the front door. When the Lt. answered the door, there was a pink, male pony lying on the ground (he was grasping his hoof in what appeared to be in pain). He then explained that he had news of Discords bastard brother. He was then, of course, invited to join the meeting. After he had entered, another Guard by the name of Cepheid Glow (I can’t help but feel that the Princess mentioned this particular guard to me once, something about, being as bright as an unlit candle?) and a dragon named Sunny Scales, who appeared to be rich. Mr.Scales then told us that he would cut a deal. He would tell us all the information about what was happening in exchange for a crystal hat that was in the library. I accepted and he began to explain how all that was happening was in direct relation to the underworld. He offered to take us there, and we accepted.

The meeting was going back on track when all of a sudden, we heard what sounded like a tunneling noise coming from below us, and a mole type creature creature popped up from the ground. We all escaped from the mole creature except for Lt. DarkStar who fell right toward the beast, or so I thought. The Dragon, Sunny Scale, grabbed her tale at the last second as she made an awful scream noise. Oh how I can only imagine how much that hurt.

We retreated to the second floor to come up with a plan. Professor GenePool came up with the brilliant idea of communicating through the vibrations in the ground via dancing. So the professor bravely tapped the back of the monster and Fushia Puff started do a strange little dance that looked oddly familiar, I think I saw a little boy in a green hat and a silly little mask do it once do it on my travels. Anyway, the plan worked without a hitch and the creature burrowed back into the hole that it made. The library was in pieces, however.

Our victory was brief as Glow alerted us to a new creature that came up from the hole. It was a winged snake with two heads, one on either side. We again retreated to the third floor as Lt. DarkStar put up a magical shield to slow the beast down. We began to come up with solutions to the problem when all of a sudden, a spider with a top hat came down and had conversation with Mr.Scales. Once the discussion had ended, we came up with a plan to blind the snake and get it to eat itself. Sunny Scales, Typhoon Blade and Glow picked up the case that contained the crystal hat, GenePool aimed the hat at the creature, and I cast my light spell. The light was amplified by the hat and blinded the snake. I then tapped it with the broom and it began to eat itself until it disappeared out of thin air. Our last problem was to get out of the spider web that was encasing the library. I, of course, mentioned to the party that the gliff’s had something to do with this. Mr.Scales then scratched off the gliff, and the webbing disappeared. We retreated back to Mr.Scales’s “pent house” to rest and rejuvenate. I only fear what will happen to us the next day.


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