From Below

Sunny Scale's Journal 6
Over the River and Through the Woods...

Ah, the wonders of fresh air, sunlight and a lack of lava.

Some days it can be a pain to be a dragon.

So to continue from my last entry my cohorts (minus one Lunar Protege Starlight Dawn) and I have since discovered that we are not in the nation of Equestria anymore. In addition we are not quite sure where we are. However, I seem to be well stocked on precious gemstones and I am sure I can lead us properly to the safety of our HQ.

We took some rest at the forest edge and decided that tomorrow we would seek more answers and supplies. A few of my companions did not sleep well for some unknown reason but I suspect it is the nerves of coming out of Tartarus. I hope this is a one time thing or we will have some very unstable ponies traveling with us soon enough.

I also spent a small amount of time planning for our next encounter with the Weaver… He undoubtedly knows more about The Artifacts of the Six which we need to stop Entropy. I suspect we can exploit his weakness of boredom to make him dilvuge information, but I still need more time to come up with a concrete plan.

The next morning we divided into groups of three. Fuchsia, Lemon and I gathered wood for torches and some food. Professors Typhoon and Gene tried to establish where on the planet we are. And lastly, Lt. Darkstar and Pvt. Glow scouted the area from above.

This was a wonderful plan until half our group vanished without a discernible cause or notice. During our foraging Fuchsia disappeared followed by us finding Lt. Darkstar only to discover Pvt. Glow had disappeared as well. Upon returning to camp Professor Typhoon had revealed that Professor Gene was also missing.

Strangely enough the missing ponies were the ones who did not sleep well. If it was not for the mysteriousness of their vanishing I would chalk it up to nerves but it still seems unlikely.

So off the four of us left, taking our supplies with us, to find our missing companions. Lemon tried mildly to flirt with me, only for me to again flirt with Lt. Darkstar. Apparently you cannot successfully flirt in this group. I will experiment more sometime later to see what can be done.

Our searching quickly got derailed as a series of voices led us to a river where a swarm of small creatures on the other side beckoned us across with knowledge of our friends. It took some time to get them to say what we needed them to, but eventually they provided us a show of trust by sending one of their kind as an envoy to speak in person.

Their kind was a race of small pony-like faeries called pixies. I suspect these to be the Breezies of myth but I am unsure as of this moment.

With their envoy in hand we crossed the river into ‘Pixie Territory’ to parley with their leader about our friends. The end result of which was a small agreement. We stop the Nixies from destroying the forest, and then the Pixies offer us any help they can in our journey before we leave the forest. This includes safe passage and freedom of our friends.

I am a bit suprised to call these ponies my friends but that is what they will be for now. In addition, I in particular need Professor Poole’s expertise in order to move my plan forward. I suspect his trust will be earned after saving him and saving the world with him that he will give me the knowledge I require.

The remaining rules are as follows:
‘Nixie Territory’ is the other side of the river we were originally on.
Nixies possess strong illusion magics.
Nixies need to be stopped somehow or else they will destroy the forest.
The Pixies will not be offering us aid until we stop the Nixies.

We are traveling to the other side of the river now so I shall end my entry here.

P.S. I wonder if I got the water hot enough, would it provide a suitable substitute for lava?

Sunny Scale's Journal 5
Back to hell and back

We started today with a refreshing visit to my home. I personally started off with a lava bath, some rubies and a delightful rest on smooth massage stones. I expect my new companions found equal ways to refresh for our adventure.

Taking note there was no snooping I noticed in my home but we shall see in time how trustworthy this group really is. I can only hope for the best and keep my trust in Glow to remain helpful. As for Pennyworth, he was kept busy from the voracious appetite of my new acquaintances, namely Typhoon to spend too much time poking around in my more recent affairs, at the very least this group has proven useful in that respect. However out of caution I had to leave the helmet behind at the loft. If all goes well I can have Glow retrieve it when the time comes for it to be needed, since she brought it there Pennyworth may suspect it belongs to her.

After refreshments we packed our saddlebags with provisions and set off to Tartarus. We left earlier in the day than necessary, in part because I was unsure of how long the trip would take by hoof in the modified city and… also because just sitting around and watching everypony is a good way to start getting a judge of their character. Most of the group seemed impatient but Glow handled the waiting well and I just reassured everypony that this was in fact where we had to be.

Dusk approached, our tickets magically appeared before us and just in time for the tent to arrive and our entrance to open. I went through the motions first, being both the most experienced and as soon to be de-facto leader it was my duty to do so. No major problems occurred till the near end of Coppermane’s Last Trick… I can only sigh heavily as Glow bluntly dashed in to stop the trick from occurring and ‘killing’ the already dead magician. With that event the room flooded with darkness and through the void we fell. Regaining vision in a tunnel with Top Hat greeting us in his usual fashion.

The next sight, I admit I must have some hope to continue without fear. Because of Glow’s intervention, the weaver consumed a pony soul… and with what had just happened I was feared the worst that said soul was that of Coppermane herself… The mare was dense but she was a legend, she deserved better care of her soul than to be eaten like cheap pasta. Again, I have no conclusive proof of this, but the worry exists nonetheless.

Continuing on, we followed the tunnel down, being only able to go in that direction with our fiend blocking the exit. The walk seems to take longer every time, but we reached the end soon enough. I waited patiently for the other ponies to get their fill of the Ghost Town before we headed to the Prince’s palace.

After a brief introduction we were crossing the river yet again. That beautiful obsidian-like glassy water… I can not help but imagine how delicious such a delicacy would be to imbibe. Smooth and flowing, yet filling, and with a mild hint of sulfur. Such a drink would truly be an experience for any dragon. But enough daydreaming, we refreshed on our mission and got some new information at the Palace. Mostly in the form of the restoration process for The Six Artifacts, along with a crystal to help us get back to Tartarus when needed.

And right on time, the weaver decided to interrupt our trip back with more tricks and games. Walking through the Ghost Town we all stopped at once, and I saw Lifebringer, the Steelhoofed with my own two slit eyes. With just the slightest fancy I could see it, the master of artifice knowing the answers to my problem giving me my hearts desire immediately… But I’m no foal, or fool for that matter. Steelhoof died over six centuries ago. His legacy remains but his soul cannot. I held back only to see half of my companions dashing forward to him. I simply did what came naturally to me and grabbed the most familiar tail in front (The delightfully soft strands of Lt. Darkstar) and ordered the rest of us to stop them. Sadly only Glow was able to react in time to stop one of them. And so we were bested by the weaver once today.

Under my direction we followed the two unicorns who ran off to a tunnel which was not the one we entered. I should note that Typhoon was most helpful in this endevor, her skill set is showing and with any luck she will prove useful in the come trials. Sadly we could not abandon our comrades so we went directly into the weavers claws with a cautious dread.

Thankfully we had little issue finding the unicorns, but unfortunately we lost access to the way we came as a tunneler blocked our path. I expect we could have found a way past him but my companions insisted on playing the weavers game and continuing up his pathway.

Yet again, to no surprise we encountered Top Hat. He gave us a short speech on the joy of our deaths and his games coming together. I cannot help but note that his view makes perfect sense, but still bears the feeling of malice. To us, he sounded threatening and cruel with his casual assumption of our deaths and the benefit her derives from it. But for him I suspect death is just part of the food chain and ultimately a real common necessity for his kind. This helped me maintain my bearing, but I wonder how well my companions handled such talk.

Regardless, it was a short and less than sweet visit before we continued on to see what the weaver had in store for us. A riddle in an old language and two golems guarding the exit. Looking back it was child’s play, the weaver may have vastly underestimated our combined resources when he picked this trap to hold us. We passed through in under a minute, with Poole blurting out the answer immediately and the golems crumbling to pieces.

I must take a moment to pause, for that may truly end up being the greatest tragedy of the day. I could have used one of those golems for my plans as the simulacrum device, getting me so very close to freedom. And just like that, they crumble to dust, but at least they are relatively easy to come by. For what little consolation that gives.

With a deep breath I smelled the fresh air as we reached the surface yet again. Our destination was some open field, no Manehattan on the horizon but I expect that we can get back in due time. Only slightly more pressing than the lack of knowledge to our location is the lack of a volcano at our location. The underworld still leaves me in want of a lava bath, and now for once I shall have to continue without, and this may truly be the weaver’s first victory against me.

Starlight Dawn's Journal Entry Two
Highway to Hell

We arrived at Mr.Scales’s “pent house” where we all rested and slept. There, Glow brought back a filly from prison. I don’t much like prison rats. It was a yellow pony by the name of LemonBurst who appeared to be some sort of sales-pony. In the morning, Mr.Scales’s butler, Silvertray Pennyworth, made breakfast; he made an excellent daffodil and daisy sandwich. We decided to go to the underworld, so we packed our things and went off.

We arrived at central park, which was the supposed entrance to the underworld. We waited there for quite some time until finally a weaver (the giant spiders) showed up. He marked all of our legs with some sort of gliff, similar to one located in the library. After that, a mysterious blue circus tent appeared before my very eyes. Went in and we saw a bunch of blue ponies dressed in old fashioned clothing. There were also diamond dogs and griffins from what I could see. There was also a weaver selling snacks and drinks. We sat down in front of a stage where another blue pony came out and announced that she was… I can’t seem to remember her name; after all it was very loud in there. She said she was apparently going to do some sort of extreme trick that involved getting out of a guillotine before the chopper came down on her. She started and time was almost up before she came even remotely close to un-trapping herself. Just as the guillotine was about to come down, Glow shot like a bullet and knocked over the guillotine. Then the whole room went black. I tried to cast my light spell, and I felt the magic surge through my horn, but there was no light. Something truly strange indeed.

When the lights turned back on, we were in a room with Top Hat. He and Mr.Scales had yet another conversation and at the end of this one, Top Hat opened up a hole in the wall. We traveled down the tunnel and it started to get very tight. At the end of the tunnel, there was a bustling city, filled with the blue ectoplasmic ponies. The party started walking down the road until we came across a river. In the distance, we saw another blue pony on a boat. He told us he would take us across the river. His boat magically extended to fit all of us and we made our way across the river.

When we got to the other side, we got off of the boat. The boat driver sat down on a thrown and magically, stools came up for us to rest on. We sat down as he told us the tale of Discords bastard brother. He explained that he had 100 hands and each one caused pain and suffering, and how the Six were able to imprison him in Tartarus and how Cerberus was there to guard hos prison, and how… I’m getting a bit to carried away, but I just can’t help myself. It was truly an amazing story. Anyway, after he was done with his story, I asked him how we would be able to stop all of this. He told us that the best way would be to use the Items of the Six. We had already found one, the spear head, and I asked if it would be of any use to us against the weavers. But alas, in order for us to use it against them, we would need to restore it’s magical power. The prince then gave GenePoole a crystal that would help us get back to the underworld, should we ever need to. We concluded our conversation with him and he took us back across the river.

After we where safely across the river, we started walking back to the tunnel from with we came… and that’s when things got… out of hand. We where walking, when all of a sudden, I see a blue pony that looked just like StarSwirl the Bearded, and naturally, of course, I just had to talk to the father of the amniomorphic spell, the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era… anyway, I started to run toward him, joined by Professor GenePoole. Once we finally caught up to him, he faced us. I was so exited to get a chance to talk to the pony who basically invented the modern meaning of magic, but instead of being the wise, old wizard that I thought he was, he took out a book, through it at GenePoole and I, laughed at us, and then vanished. I was so disappointed not only at StarSwirl, but at myself as well. My job was to be a leader and I had failed at that. By pursuing my own personal want, I put the entire group in danger. This will not be pleasant when I tell Princess Luna.

GenePoole and I where then stuck inside a dark cave which we could not tell if it was magical or not. So I cast my light spell and sure enough, the light did come out of my horn this time. So we started walking down the cave, for the sake of adventure, when we came across a three way split in the tunnels. We started to head down the center one, when we heard a loud and angry roar coming from the darkness. So, naturally, we high tailed it out of there. We met up with the others and we decided (after much bickering) that we would go down the left tunnel because, of course, rule one of labyrinth is to always go left (if the center isn’t an option) and because we head that familiar digging sound coming from the way we entered. So we galloped down the left tunnel and sure enough, we were at the surface again. It was a barren and grassy field with no Manehatten in sight. I just hope we find our way back home soon.

Starlight Dawn's Journal Entry One
The Start of Something New

With all of Equestria in turmoil and Princess Celestia missing, Princess Luna has instructed me to visit the city of Manehatten and discuss what has been going on as of late. I humbly accepted this task and began my journey there where I met some of Equestria’s greatest minds… and also some of Equestria’s not so greatest minds.

When I arrived at the at Manehatten, I immediately convened a meeting at the city library. There I met the highly esteemed (not to mention good looking) Professor GenePool, the famous archaeologist, Typhoon Blade, as well as a royal guard, Lt. DarkStar. Throughout the meeting, we discussed what has been happening lately.

Things were going smoothly when all of a sudden, there was a loud thud on the front door. When the Lt. answered the door, there was a pink, male pony lying on the ground (he was grasping his hoof in what appeared to be in pain). He then explained that he had news of Discords bastard brother. He was then, of course, invited to join the meeting. After he had entered, another Guard by the name of Cepheid Glow (I can’t help but feel that the Princess mentioned this particular guard to me once, something about, being as bright as an unlit candle?) and a dragon named Sunny Scales, who appeared to be rich. Mr.Scales then told us that he would cut a deal. He would tell us all the information about what was happening in exchange for a crystal hat that was in the library. I accepted and he began to explain how all that was happening was in direct relation to the underworld. He offered to take us there, and we accepted.

The meeting was going back on track when all of a sudden, we heard what sounded like a tunneling noise coming from below us, and a mole type creature creature popped up from the ground. We all escaped from the mole creature except for Lt. DarkStar who fell right toward the beast, or so I thought. The Dragon, Sunny Scale, grabbed her tale at the last second as she made an awful scream noise. Oh how I can only imagine how much that hurt.

We retreated to the second floor to come up with a plan. Professor GenePool came up with the brilliant idea of communicating through the vibrations in the ground via dancing. So the professor bravely tapped the back of the monster and Fushia Puff started do a strange little dance that looked oddly familiar, I think I saw a little boy in a green hat and a silly little mask do it once do it on my travels. Anyway, the plan worked without a hitch and the creature burrowed back into the hole that it made. The library was in pieces, however.

Our victory was brief as Glow alerted us to a new creature that came up from the hole. It was a winged snake with two heads, one on either side. We again retreated to the third floor as Lt. DarkStar put up a magical shield to slow the beast down. We began to come up with solutions to the problem when all of a sudden, a spider with a top hat came down and had conversation with Mr.Scales. Once the discussion had ended, we came up with a plan to blind the snake and get it to eat itself. Sunny Scales, Typhoon Blade and Glow picked up the case that contained the crystal hat, GenePool aimed the hat at the creature, and I cast my light spell. The light was amplified by the hat and blinded the snake. I then tapped it with the broom and it began to eat itself until it disappeared out of thin air. Our last problem was to get out of the spider web that was encasing the library. I, of course, mentioned to the party that the gliff’s had something to do with this. Mr.Scales then scratched off the gliff, and the webbing disappeared. We retreated back to Mr.Scales’s “pent house” to rest and rejuvenate. I only fear what will happen to us the next day.

Lt. Darkstar's Log
The 4th Night

Events have weighed heavy on my mind of late. I am not one to give in to despair — I could never let my squad see me waver — but as the chaos increased night after night without end, I feared for the future of Equestria.

Starlight Dawn brought tidings from Princess Luna herself, although the tidings were worryingly vague. In spite of all this, I had high hopes for the conference of expert ponies.

My hopes were somewhat diminished by the return of Glow — without her armor, but curiously with a bribe she took from the Dragon. Apparently the Dragon spent the previous night skulking about abandoned warehouses. Up to no good, I’d wager. No good, but not particularly destructive at the moment. I assigned Glow door-guard duty, as the previous guards were escorting an insistent yellow mare to the police office for harassing them.

Inside the meeting – the professors started professing – the kind of debate that drives me up the wall.

Speaking of being driven up the wall, I heard a loud thud on the doors, and excused myself to investigate. I could only imagine what kind of trouble Glow had gotten into this time.

Nope, I couldn’t have imagined that. In Glow’s place was a flamboyant fuschia stallion hopping around, nursing a sore hoof. I fixed him with my best glare and demanded an explanation. He was suitably intimidated, but managed to spit out some nonsense about Diamond Dogs and Discord’s bastard brother.

Wait a minute. This pony looked familiar — yes, he had been in the basement of the jeweler’s shop, and had faced a Tunneler. He was probably deluded, but I couldn’t risk leaving any stone unturned, especially since Equestria’s best and brightest were distressingly clueless.

“Come with me,” I said, even as, up the path came Glow and Sunny Scales. “Good,” I said to Glow, “You found the dragon. Everyone, inside.”

Inside, all parties continued talking, with very little doing. It was making my mane itch for action. Sunny, however, made a proposition: he would tell all he knew in exchange for the Crystal Cap in the university’s magical artifact collection.

I knew all along that the dragon knew more than he was telling, but I chomped at the bit when thinking about how much time had been wasted playing his dragon games. We may have made real progress if he had only been forthcoming several days earlier. Still, in the interest of expediency, I allowed the university staff to decide on the fate of their artifact.

Sunny Scales then dropped a bombshell: the chaos was caused by the Underworld leaking into our reality. He offered to take us there. Invigorated at the prospect of actually doing something proactive, myself and the others immediately agreed.

Except now, an all-too familiar rumbling emanated from the basement. The group stampeded down the stairs, and a Tunneler appeared. It sat there, at the top of its tunnel, clicking and sniffing, looking for who knows what. I ordered everyone back, and they all obeyed, except well, and I hesitate to admit this, but my hoof must have slipped on something… and I nearly toppled from the stairs directly onto the Tunneler.

I was saved — yes, I said it. Saved by the dragon. He unceremoniously grabbed my tail to keep me from tumbling. I confess I must have let out an undignified yelp (or scream, probably) of pain. But it did the trick, I was still alive and able to trot up the stairs, sore rump or no.

Things escalated from there, as things often do. The entire building seemed to be encased in a forcefield of blue, wispy, magical strands. I set Glow on guard to watch the Tunneler’s movements, and the rest of us went up to the top floor to strategize.

We came up with an unlikely plan to dismiss the Tunneler: the unicorn professor would distract the Tunneler with a broom stick, while the Fuschia stallion would rhythmically dance to try to get it to go away. I’m not exactly sure why they thought it was a good idea, someone said something about echolocation. Regardless, the plan worked perfectly! The Tunneler clicked to the music and went back down.

Our victory was short-lived, as we were still trapped in the library. We discussed the problem further, though I confess I merely heard a lot of intellectual ‘wah wah wah’.

But Glow alerted us to a dire new circumstance: out of the hole the Tunneler dug, came a huge, flying snake, with two heads (one on either end). The thing had already moved to the first floor and we ran for our lives up the stairs.

On the third floor, I dug my hooves in and cast the best protection spell I know how. It worked! I spent the next minutes, or hours (it was difficult to tell), concentrating on maintaining the spell so that the snake could not attack us.

The rest of the time was, from my point of view, somewhat blurred. But I do distinctly remember a huge spider in a top hat who pulled my sore tail to break my concentration. I held on, though, and Glow selflessly protected me.

Even though my concentration, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. For all of the ribbing I get in the Royal Guard Officer’s Club about the useless pegasus on my squad — I always knew, deep down, that Glow would come through when it was truly important.

At last, the group defeated the snake, and broke the spell on the library. I was exhausted, and we all wearily retreated to the Dragon’s penthouse apartment.

And I am entirely too proud to ask for an ice pack for my sore rump.

Sunny Scale's Journal 4
Weaving weaver's games.

Day 4 – I woke up quite sore from last nights adventure. I decided to make the first gesture of friendship or flirting by giving Glow some money to pay for the armor she lost saving our lives. This should help in ensuring that I get to keep my new favorite royal guard. … I hope my gesture is well received, she is quite friendly and it could nice to have somepony who does not fear me, hate me, or have absolute loyalty to my parents.

I have noticed that despite the danger many of mother’s servants remain in my household, they are far too loyal but eventually they will run or die, leaving me with more freedom to do my great work… at least while the underworld mingles with ours. I have a short window and I need to make good use of it.

I took the next step in my plan today. Using my obtained knowledge as a trade to get the first of 3 artifacts I need in order to do my experiment. If I am successful, there will be many dragons like myself, able to live peacefully amongst ponies without either side fearing or betraying the other. And more importantly I will have absolute freedom to fulfill my destiny… I almost cannot hold back my excitement.

Darkstar was reluctant to give me possession of the helmet but my knowledge was a fair trade and my careful handling of the helmet will surely help maintain her confidence of my pursuits.

There was a slight delay in returning home, the weavers and moles decided to intervene and trap us inside the library. They also gave us the gift of a giant flying two headed snake. But thanks to my leadership and quick thinking we managed to pull together and escape with our lives in tact. However, we will surely suffer for my bargain with the weaver to play a game with him every day. These creatures are polite, charming, and extremely powerful, but they are also able to be manipulated and reasoned with. This knowledge may prove useful if I can outsmart the weaver through prolonged contact. I can feel the beginnings of a plan starting to form, and with due time I may yet save the world.

In addition I met several other ponies today, mostly scholars and commoners. Minus Darkstar and one of the professors, they all seem fairly easy to manipulate. I expect that soon they will recognize me as the group leader, and with them I may manage to banish Entropy and restore a future to everypony. As an added bonus we obtained one of the relics of The Six. Now we only need five more and I suspect our new antagonist can lead us to the shield.

On my return I fired half of my staff, this will be the first step towards me not having excessive pampering. As the city decays I will have less and less comforts. I expect that within a week I shall be a nomad of sorts. I made some preparations for safe houses and supplies, but the underground ones are likely worthless so I have at most 10 in the city if I include the supplies in my own penthouse. It is a grim prospect to think that I shall have to do things for myself… a scary thought if I was not so confident in my ability to take care of such things. I also made sure Pennyworth was not aware of my obtaining the helmet. I have decided to bring the ponies to my place to refresh and prepare for tomorrow. With the weaver planning to attack us it would be a bad idea to split up or be exhausted. There is also an added benefit, so long as I keep my new ‘friends’ nearby Pennyworth may suspect it belongs to them and not try to hide it from me…

That stallion is far too loyal to mother…

I hope her and father are safe.

Sunny Scale's Journal 3
Guards and Ghosts

Day 3 – I was rather rudely woken up by the demands of Lt. Darkstar. She continues to deflect my flattery and interrogate me at the same time. I fed her a watered down version of the events of yesterday. I can’t afford to give up my valuable knowledge of the situation for free, and I suspect Darkstar did not trust my story. I found out later that evening that she posted a guard above my home to tail me in the event of my leaving. I had to fly around the city as the roads are all clogged with people leaving for safer pastures. Its a shame they wont find much safety as I have received news that this is a worldwide event, which is to be expected as the underworld is also worldwide.

I went to Coppermane’s warehouse to search for magical items of use to me, and sadly the place had been picked clean of anything valuable long ago. But there is still advantage to be had from the excursion. The guard I have been assigned is quite gullible and easy to manipulate. This may be the greatest gift Darkstar will ever give me.

I should also note that I had the first of what I assume will be many attempts on my life. A ghost who died in an old furnace trapped me and my new lackey Glow inside said furnace with a dwindling supply of air. Thankfully I was able to command my assistant into being useful and opening the air vent for us. After that it was simply a matter of time before we escaped relatively unharmed. I had to destroy part of the vent on my way up, but it was of little consequence. More importantly my lackey lost her armor in the furnace, I need to make reparations or else Darkstar might reassign my lackey to a lower rank of guard duty.

Sunny Scale's Journal 2
To hell and back

Day 2 – I retrieved my heirloom cufflinks today, the streets are starting to be crowded with ponies leaving the city due to quarantines. The situation is too big for the local enforcements to handle so the royal guard has stepped in to fill in the gaps. It is much to my benefit that they are still not enough to cover a whole city with eyes and barriers. This may finally be my chance to perform my experiment, my chance for freedom has come in the form of a city wide Apocalypse. Such a rare opportunity should not be squandered.

Morning was a bit of a rough patch as Lieutenant Darkstar gave me a brief interrogation about last nights events. She seems to bear some hatred of me, and so I suspect she has been informed of my special condition. I would expect no less from such a high ranking and rather attractive member of the royal guard.

I decided to spend the evening investigating rumors of the ghost of Coppermane appearing in Central Park. Being a fan of the great magicians I decided to pay my respects, and I was quite suprised. A weaver, as I now know they are called, greeted me and gave me entrance to a tent where none other than Coppermane herself was performing. It was quite a show but it is a bit of a dissapointment to see one of my heroes and realize they are not nearly as intelligent as you thought they were. But my dissapointment gave way when I gained the location of Dana Coppermane’s warehouse. I can certainly find the simulacrum I require there, I shall make arrangements to conduct my search tomorrow before my mother’s servants can rob me of this opportunity.

After the show I followed the crowd down, into the underworld, where I made a series of valuable discoveries. For starters I found the root cause of my silver lined disaster to be a kin of the legendary Discord. Entropy as he is named appears to bear a similar story to his brother, in addition he has rendered the ruler of the underworld powerless. With the void of control the weavers, the polite spiders I encountered earlier, decided to work with the tunnelers to create havoc on the land of the living.

The key to solving this delimma would be to gather the six artifacts of The Six and use them to reseal entropy and restore order to the underworld. I will need the manage this situation carefully as solving it too soon would squander my opportunity and solving it too late would render any achievements from my experiment null and void.

I returned home for a long soak in some lava… the underworld leaves ones scales rather grimy feeling for some reason. I suspect its the mold and moisture from so many corpses.

Sunny Scale's Journal 1
It begins.

Day 1 – It all started today, I saw a giant spider creature while attending the unveiling of an old relic some scholar dug up. It is such a pain to keep up appearances, but it does pay well.

The spider was rather polite and almost stuffy, but they seem fairly harmless despite its size. I did not go to what I would find out is the underworld. Instead I mistook the situation as nearly pedestrian in nature and returned home before I could suffer the harassment of the commoner enforcement squad.

It should also be noted that the relic glowed blue before the spider showed up. It may or may not be a coincidence.

Dr. G.Poole Memory Log Entry List:1


Streets that were once burdened with traffic from tourists, workers, law enforcement, now lay abandoned or worse. What has replaced the thousands of inhabitants of our urban haven has forced an entire city to abandon ship. Fluctuating energy surges, creatures of unknown origin and intent are beginning to appear, at least according to rumor. And as our city appears to destabilize, our Princess Celestia is off on some royal business. In case this log is ever extracted from my mind I dare not give away any more. I do not believe in coincidence. I theorize that the princess’s absence and the chaotic presence are definitely linked. I am off to a meeting with some of my colleagues and law enforcement who have chosen to remain. I chose to stay because frankly, I have no other home but this school. And I would gladly die to save it. End LOG1


The meeting was more successful than anticipated. Not only are my colleagues of the mindset to stay and do all they can to defend the city, but we have information, glorious information, from a dragon no less who seems to have interests of acquiring a different kind of treasure. Although the head guard seems entirely reluctant to have him in our little group, I find that he is most resourceful. Unlike myself, he may or may not stray from the facts he relays and gives very few details of our mission. One thing I am positive about, he has indeed been to the underworld. This fact, connected with the goings on in the city has my mind whirring. Little is known about the magicks of that place. Ancient, dark, and forbidden come to mind. However there is a purpose to what is going on, I know it. The only entity that has ever been known to wreak havoc over a large area was the Discord incident. And it was confirmed by an Earth Pony whom I just met today, and has no reason to lie, that this may very well be connected to a brother of Discord’s. Little is known about the draconequus species. In fact, I didn’t know before today that the was more than one. Is the draconequus native to the under world? Are they powerful enough to roam free between worlds? Did Discord free this brother or has he found a way out on his own? So many unanswered questions. But now is not the time to accuse. Now is the time for action. I am off with this strange group of ponies and dragon to find any means necessary to achieve our goals, even if it means dealing with danger I cannot begin to comprehend. End LOG2

Monsters are confirmed. The rumors were true. In a span of less than an hour we have come face to face with some sort of large talpa insecta type creature, a cheerful, yet terrifying arachnid, and a very hungry looking creature that may or may not have been a sub species of the amphisbaena. Although we barely got out alive, I am noting that the fact that we made it out at all makes me think it was TOO easy. More on that later. Dragon seems to be keeping his end of the bargain, thus far and has been a useful rudimentary diplomat. He may be pushing his luck though. My colleague, an archaeologist, is very quiet and deep in thought as usual, but has kept his composure in this dire situation. His restraint from hysteria is commendable. Another colleague has aided me thrice now in levitation spells vital to our escapes. I shall notify the dean of both of their triumphs. Maybe they’ll get a raise. There are two guards. A unicorn with exceptional prowess in shield spells, and a Pegasus whom quite frankly I think might actually stand a chance at bludgeoning one of those creatures from below, despite their flaws; the unicorn who trusts no one and one that may trust anyone, are exemplary to have in our mission. My favorite member of this bizarre fellowship is a merchant of cloth that frankly, I don’t really see a point to, but he seems do do really well for himself. He makes an excellent member, both to disperse tense social settings with comic relief but his dancing and his wide variety of scents has helped us more than once. My least favorite colleague Professor Crop, whom I would expect would give several opinions of how incompetent I am and foolish my theories are by now, hasn’t said a word since the meeting, not even a “hello.” I am not complaining of course, but a close watch, I advise. With a Tome of Ancient magicks in my tote bag, I imagine will be more useful than the spider tells me (Did I mention that the spider can speak?! Fascinating!) If anyone hearing these thoughts comes into contact with a creature I described, do not trust their lies. They are masters of deception and have spent an eternity mastering how to bury the truth. End LOG3


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