Webber by ick san d676hqx
Sunny’s Info -

Weavers are a race of large arachnids from the Underworld and play a major role in the chaos currently affecting Manehattan. They wear posh clothing like top hats and monocles and speak in a very precise and polite manner. A weaver favors entertainment quite highly and would be willing to play ‘games’ with others if there are no pressing matters. These games are quite dangerous and should not be attempted by the unprepared. Weavers subsist on souls who are caught in their webs.

Weavers have immense power, being able to interrupt a unicorn’s spell with a touch of their talons and also being able to make otherworldly blue webs with magical properties. Due to their size I suspect weavers to be quite strong compared to the average pony or dragon, but this is untested. Weavers are also quite stealthy and fast when they want to be. On multiple occasions they appear without being seen and disappear in a similar fashion, keeping your eyes and ears open in the best option so far when a weaver is nearby.

(Image from: http://ick-san.deviantart.com/art/Webber-374857305)


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