From Below


A few days to gather whatever supplies a prince of the dead can grant us and we head up again, this time through an entirely different tunnel. By my estimation, it seems to be angled so drastically from our last stray path, we may very well end up out of the borders of Equestria (though I cannot anticipate how far.) Another squabble with Top Hat and his jolly burrowing friends later, (It’s just another chase scene and struggle for our very lives, nothing new to report.) we make it to the surface. Where are we? We turn to our expert archaeologist for some clue in the rock formations, sediment composition, familiar plant life… nothing. We might as well be on the other side of the world.

Hey guess what? We’re on the other side of the world. Or rather, we were until our split scouting parties and dove right into a nearby forest and (not my idea) stumbled across some strange formations in the ground which leads us to… guess where… another place we do not know the location of. Brilliant. Only this is much worse as our group of chummy chums seems to be divided. All that remain by my side is the sales pony and that talkative captain’s guard pony who, thankfully, is not so talkative. As long as we’re not immediately ambushed by whatever lives in these parts (if anything). Thankfully… perhaps not thankfully, the ominous quiet doesn’t cease. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Not long. There are hundreds of them! Winged, sharp toothed, swift, and clever! More to come… if we, the final three survive.



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