From Below

Private Cepheid Glow_Journal One

The Manehattan Incident

Private Cepheid Glow taking note of today’s events as required in Article V Section 22C of The Official Royal Guard Regulations established in the 379th year of Princess Celestia’s reign.

I was dispatched tonight with fellow Night Watch guards to Manehattan to investigate the otherworldly happenings and protect citizens from danger. Specifically, I was told to follow the orders of my superior, Lt. Darkstar, as well as to stay out of trouble.

Lt. Darkstar filled me in on the situation as much as she could before we approached a large penthouse. It belonged to the young socialite Sunny Scales, a dragon whose adoptive parents were big name philanthropists. In my eye, Mr. Scales appeared to be rather welcoming, despite how late it was becoming, and was very polite to the both of us. Still, Lt. Darkstar holds little trust in him so we took his statement with a grain of salt. Lt. Darkstar ordered me to trail Mr. Scales if he were to leave later and report back any suspicious activity. An aspect about this mission that needs to be expressed more is its focus on stealth and the ability to blend in.

Important Note: Night Watch pegasi possess the power to imitate statues, primarily ones of gargoyles. However, a significant amount of pain in joints around the forelegs, back-legs, wings and jaw may occur after a certain period of time.

As morning approached, I discovered Sunny Scales flying off to some unknown location, shielding his scales with a long dark cloak. I pursued him but kept my distance to go unnoticed. He arrived at a warehouse that didn’t seem to belong to him, or anypony else for that matter. I questioned whether I should have gone to report back to Lt. Darkstar but I believed that I required more information on his exact actions inside. If he wasn’t causing a crime, perhaps I could convince him to return to Lt. Darkstar with me?

I entered through a partly opened window with ease and placed my hooves on the catwalk. The catwalk gave way immediately and I was seconds away from falling from the third floor to ground level. I managed to save my neck but I alerted Mr. Scales of my presence. For the next several minutes, the dragon and I shifted about the crates; aware of the general area where each of us stood but unable to catch the other. This would have been fun if I was not told to treat him as a suspect for things unknown. Eventually, Mr. Scales resorted to calling out to me. Understanding his annoyance of being constantly pursued and wishing to convince him out of any criminal activity, I responded back from the safety of my crate.

He proposed that we work together to find a specific item pertaining to Dana Coppermane. I agreed so long as he would give the item to Lt. Darkstar to help our investigation. He agreed and we popped from behind our respective crates to search.

We found nothing of interest to Mr. Scales until we spotted a secret passage. The passage led us down a stairway that provided little light. The two of us ended up in a small room with no light to speak of at all. Suddenly, glowing blue orbs surrounded us, illuminating what appeared to be a chimney of some kind………. and a burnt corpse.

We were inside a furnace. Then, the doors shut by themselves-immovable. We were trapped inside a furnace.

A member of the Royal Guard is trained to keep his or her composure in any situation. I regret to report that the realization of being trapped inside an abandoned furnace with a burnt corpse, glowing blue orbs, the laughter of foals and the distinct smell of smoke was too much for me.

Thankfully, Mr. Scales was able to calm me down. We managed to escape with minimal damage to ourselves and to the building. I lost my armor in the furnace but Mr. Sunny Scales insisted on giving me money to buy another one. I am slightly worried about what my superior will say about this but I believe that Mr. Scales is a gentlecolt. He has yet to steal anything and has done no property damage except for our aforementioned escape. I will conclude this report after my check-in with Lt. Darkstar.


The report went well but there were a few things I didn’t suspect to be a problem and I apologize and am willing to take responsibility for any violations I have performed.

Important Note: Taking money from potential suspects of things unknown is considered a bribe.

This concludes journal one of Private Cepheid Glow during the Manehattan incident.



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